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HEOR Value Communication

Huge effort and expense go into developing pharmaceutical assets for regulatory submission. Many fail, and it is vital for those that succeed to articulate their value proposition effectively to receive appropriate registration, pricing and access to the market. After identifying the opportunity to add to your product’s value story, and articulating a quantitative description of how your product contributes to reducing cost burdens, the third step is to communicate that contribution in a way that meets the objectives of the payer, wherever in the world they may be located, and whether they are private or public.

  • Value Message Development and Testing: evidence-based value messages used to communicate a compelling product value story to stakeholders, based on value message development, evidence-based messages, attribute-based messages for some medical devices, “aspirational” value messages that highlight data collection opportunities and message testing through interviews, advisory boards and surveys
  • Global Value Dossiers: comprehensive resources that summarize a product’s value story and support HTA submissions, by highlighting unmet needs, clinical value and economic value, with objection handling sections, frequently asked questions, paper and digital production
  • Payer Business Cases: convey product value to hospital purchasers and other payers in a format that reflects their business priorities, including budget impact and cost offset considerations, and hospital business plans that consider hospital value-based purchasing, total performance scores, hospital-acquired conditions, payment bundling, highlighting clinical value, efficiency gains, patient benefits and affordability
  • Interactive Payer Engagement Tools: engage payers with customizable tools that highlight clinical outcomes and affordability, applying budget impact and clinical outcomes models that are customizable and interactive, using IPAD, Microsoft and Android platform solutions and providing product leave-behinds (monographs, publications, brochures)
  • Reimbursement Submissions: obtain positive reimbursement decisions and listing agreements, based on extensive experience with a wide range of therapeutic area submissions, with country-specific analyses in Europe, North America and Asia including submissions for private and public payers, budget impact analyses and all supporting clinical summaries and regulatory documents

Our leaders are recognized for their contribution to the global understanding of representing value for pharmaceutical products, and they have supported value communication in all major countries based on state-of-the-art analytic and modeling techniques and local understanding of clinical and regulatory policy.

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