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Field Solutions

Pushing Your Frontline in the U.S. Market

Field solutions are rapidly becoming more sophisticated, clinically oriented and data-driven. Faced with unprecedented challenges, you need a fully resourced partner to drive commercial success with strategic planning, strong KOL relationships and frontline brand representation. Whether you’re launching a new product or expanding into new markets, our best-practice approach maximizes value at every stage of the product life cycle.

Dynamic Commercial & Clinical Field Teams

With one focused and unified voice, we deploy commercial teams to propel your brand in active, vacant and white space territories. Clinical Nurse Educators (CNEs) and tele-sales team can be positioned as a stand-alone solution or work in conjunction with commercial and multi-channel initiatives. Simultaneously, our team of MSLs connects with influential KOLs to communicate real-world evidence and value of your product. This dynamic business model  allows us to develop and deliver the most effective strategy to help you achieve your commercial goals.

Eliminating the Complexity of Recruitment

Recruiting for the pharmaceutical, medical device, biotech industries is complex, which is why you need an experienced partner and innovative techniques to build a successful sales team. The employment landscape is constantly evolving and casting a wide net won’t always yield the best candidate. What’s more,  today’s multigenerational candidate pool, coupled with  increasingly specialized markets, means larger investments are required to recruit a cohesive and successful team.

Our experience, combined with our extensive recruiting network and real-time market intelligence, gives us the ability to identify and attract the most suitable candidates. Together we will develop compensation packages and career paths that both direct-hire and contract candidates desire

Successful Teams are Fueled by Training

Successful sales teams rely on specialized training to maintain optimal performance. Our onboarding and ongoing training programs will equip your team with the knowledge and skills to consistently perform at the highest level. We’ve aligned our training offerings with both product phases and roles so we can design a custom training program. A combination of home study, in-classroom education, and on-the-job training ensures your team members receive training that’s essential to their individual roles and capabilities.

Find out how we can take your business to the next level.