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HEOR Opportunity Identification

Huge effort and expense go into developing pharmaceutical assets for regulatory submission. Many fail, and it is vital for those that succeed to articulate their value proposition effectively to receive appropriate registration, pricing and access to the market. The process begins by identifying the opportunity to add to your product’s value story, identifying any gaps and potential leakages, and developing an improved approach.

  • Systematic Reviews: assess and gather the evidence to support your product’s value proposition, using burden of illness studies, systematic literature reviews, meta-analysis, indirect treatment comparisons
  • Landscape and Gap Analyses: understand the current and evolving marketplace in order to inform strategic planning and evidence development by assessing market access and pricing challenges, providing guidance on clinical development programs on QoL, clinical and resource use endpoints, identifying and prioritizing evidence development needs and building the product value proposition
  • Market Research and Advisory Boards: identify perceptions of key stakeholders and collect practice patterns and reimbursement information, applying Identification of stakeholder requirements, perceptions and evidence needs, prioritization of evidence development needs, testing and tuning the product’s target profile and value proposition
  • Pricing Research: identify price bands that reflect product value, commercial opportunities and potential market access restrictions, by product benchmarking, value-based pricing analyses based on cost-effectiveness modeling, identifying evidence drivers of product value and price, assessing sales potential for possible population targets
  • Reimbursement Strategies: optimize opportunities for pricing and market access success, by developing public and private payer submission strategies, reviewing reimbursement decisions through, launch sequencing and risk sharing and subgroup guidance

Our leaders are recognized for their contribution to the global understanding of representing value for pharmaceutical products, and they have developed proprietary methodologies for pricing and market access preparation in addition to their fluency in all aspects of opportunity identification in HEOR.

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