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Revenue Management

Optimize Your Product’s Revenue in the U.S.

We help you reduce revenue leakage, implement innovative contracting strategies and execute improved business processes that drive bottom-line impact. We leverage our deep expertise in the operational, technology and government compliance issues facing the industry to bring solutions ranging from business process outsourcing services, technology and data assets, and advisory services.

Once a product is in market, there are three areas we support to assure that your organization manages the revenue and maximizes value from contracts:

  • Revenue Management Consulting
  • Government Pricing & Compliance
  • Contract Operations

Revenue Management

Our revenue management experts take over the responsibilities and assessment of the revenue management so you can focus on strategic decisions, while improving overall performance. In addition to our unparalleled level of market insight, we understand both sides of the equation — commercial and regulatory. We handle work such as:

  • Gross to Net assessments
  • Membership management including roster & master data management
  • Systems Implementations & Upgrades
  • Contract Analytics

Government Pricing & Compliance

The complex pharmaceuticals regulatory framework changes at a breathtaking pace. All indicators point to continued acceleration now and in the future.  Remaining both compliant and competitive requires expanded expertise and resources. EVERSANA helps you respond quickly and adapt to government pricing processes without sacrificing competitive advantage. Our unique compliance accelerators provide support in every phase to reduce audit risk, minimize the risk of fines and set the stage for smoother internal operations:

Government Pricing expertise 

  • GP price factor calculations outsource
  • SOP development
  • Product and Customer master file maintenance and monitoring
  • Government contract administration
  • Short and long-term staff augmentation services

GP violation remediation

  • Calculation diagnostic assessments
  • GP Restatement and remediation projects

State Medicaid invoice processing 

  • Medi and other state program rebate invoice processing
  • Invoice utilization validation testing
  • Invoice payments through escrow accounts

Contract Operations & BPO

With experience across the complete life cycle, our expertise in contract life cycle management software and processes is unmatched in creating, executing, analyzing and optimizing contracts — and in providing industry-leading framework for contract strategy development.

We handle your contract operations in a number of ways, from introducing software solutions to handling back office tasks and processing work through our outsourced model.

Find out how we can take your business to the next level.