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Mike Scott



Consulting (Strategy Management & Regulatory)

Mike has over 25 years of experience in marketing and sales, market access, channel design, sales training and sales management, and has been involved in over 25 product launches in sales, marketing or consulting roles. He has held leadership positions with global companies such as Johnson & Johnson, UCB and United BioSource Corporation.

With experience in design and execution of access strategies, Mike has launched more than 60 patient and provider support programs encompassing diverse issues such as reimbursement, channel design, patient assistance programs, copay programs, call centers, sites of care and clinical trial support. His core areas of experience include products with complex characteristics such high cost oral, IV, SC and IM therapies.

Mike earned a BA degree in Marketing from Northeast Louisiana University.

Articles by Mike Scott

Understanding the Inflation Reduction Act: Inflation Rebates

Prescription drug manufacturers routinely implement price increases for a variety of reasons that support their business. With the passage of the Inflation Reduction Act late in 2022, Congress added a twist to these price increases. One provision of the Act, also known as the IRA, implements rebates from pharmaceutical companies to Medicare for price increases that outpace inflation. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), the federal agency that oversees Medicare, recently issued guidance for manufacturers to operationalize the statute. Common Elements The IRA mandates that pharmaceutical manufacturers that sell their products prescribed to Medicare Part B and Part D beneficiaries will be subject to these inflation rebates. For […]

How Specialty Pharmacies Can Elevate Your Channel and Distribution Strategy for HCP-administered Buy & Bill Products

A successful channel and distribution strategy for Buy & Bill (B&B) products should be centered around the partners you sell to and through. That means considering any third-party logistics (3PL) providers, specialty distributors (SD) and specialty pharmacies (SP) who will touch your product between the manufacturing/packaging site and patient administration. Taking a holistic view of the entire product and patient journey will give you the insight you need to make thoughtful and cost-effective decisions as you pull together this critical part of your overall strategy. Procurement and Administration Options for HCP-administered B&B Products With the continuing rise of HCP-administered therapies for multiple disease states in the last five years, it […]

Commercialization Strategies in Oncology — The Right Partner Can Reduce Risk and Boost Rewards

Whether you are an emerging company launching your first product or an established company expanding your portfolio, a number of parallel initiatives must be developed and executed to help your therapy get out of the shadow zone and into the limelight. Working closely with the right partner can help your company to differentiate the therapy, overcome obstacles to maximize reimbursement and patient access, and meet clinical objectives. Manufacturers launching a new oncology therapy face numerous critical decisions including managing cost – that on average can reach $265 million over five years. Their biggest problem is that they often do not have that breadth and depth of expertise in-house, or the […]

Competitive Benchmarking In Trade – Answering The Who, What, Why and When

Last month our colleague Derek Cothran addressed the importance of using secondary research to benchmark your Patient Support Program (PSP) against obvious and not-so-obvious competitors. We’d like to continue a discussion around competitive benchmarking in this month’s blog, but this time focused on how it can be used to optimize a channel or distribution strategy for both established and start-up manufacturers. Specifically, we’ll discuss the benefits of considering options that perhaps have not been done before, why taking risks can be more beneficial than you might think, why it’s imperative to know the why behind a competitor’s decisions as well as touch on the optimal times to competitively benchmark your […]

Are You Benchmarking Your PSP Against Others? If So, Who and What Are You Comparing It Against?

Many of our clients are looking for ways to ensure their Patient Support Program (PSP) is not only serving their patient and provider populations well but that it is doing so in a fiscally responsible way. Additionally, they are seeking validation that their PSP is at least at parity or superior to the competitor products’ PSPs. To assist these clients, we propose benchmarking their planned or existing PSP against what is already on the market. In this entry, I’d like to discuss how secondary research can be one of the most efficient and cost-effective ways to gather industry insights that allow you to benchmark your PSP against competitors. I’ll also […]

Are You Tracking the Performance and Satisfaction Ratings of Your Patient Services?

The types of services patients need for support change and fluctuate over time, particularly as a product moves through its lifecycle. The patient services necessary to drive access, affordability and adherence to your product in the launch phase can be markedly different from the patient services that accomplish the same goals at later stages of your product’s lifecycle. This makes it critical that manufacturers continually check to ensure they are still providing relevant and differentiating services to all stakeholders throughout all stages – from diagnosis to therapy initiation and adherence. It should also be noted that providing the right services at the right time is not enough. You also need […]

Five Things You Should Do to Ensure Your PSP Is Ready for Launch Before Your Brand Is

Your brand is preparing for launch, and it’s time to develop a strategy for your Patient Services Program (PSP). Even if you already have one or more PSPs in place for your company’s other brands, it is important to make sure you don’t incorporate a one-size-fits-all approach for your PSP. In order to develop a PSP strategy that meets all of the brand, stakeholder and patient needs, there are multiple important considerations you should evaluate. Here are 5 crucial considerations to make when determining the right PSP for your brand, and more importantly, for patients. Step 1: Define your profiles The optimal place to start developing a PSP strategy for […]

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