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キム ジンソル



Consulting (Strategy Management & Regulatory), Consulting (Strategy Management and HTA requirements)

Jinsol Kim is an Engagement Manager at EVERSANA. With a background in economics and years of consulting experience in healthcare and pharmaceuticals, he assists pharma companies in making strategic decisions in complex environments for market entry, portfolio optimization, asset valuation, and market assessment.​

He has experience in working across numerous therapy areas including oncology, immunology, hematology, nephrology, infectious diseases, and rare diseases within the US, EU5, and APAC.

Representative engagements include:

  • Developing launch options for the therapy area portfolio with both small molecules and biologics evaluating the options by building a probabilistic model from patient numbers and testing assumptions on epidemiology, biologics penetration, market shares, and compliance in different reimbursement schemes and price levels as part of a regional strategy effort
  • Establishing the product positioning for an oncology pipeline asset in key reimbursed markets in APAC
  • Building a valuation model for an early-stage asset and conducting sensitivity analysis to identify critical risks and scenario analysis to assess the full range of NPV at each trial phase
  • Assessing market dynamics and potential market opportunity for a small molecule in G7 markets
  • 欧州の特定の諸国における希少疾患適応症を対象としたインライセンシング候補のための価格設定および市場アクセス戦略を確立しました。
  • Devising a regional and country-level launch strategy in major reimbursed APAC markets for a major big pharma with multiple drugs approved for the disease spectrum in multiple therapy areas including oncology


He holds a BA in Economics from the University of California at Berkeley.

Articles by キム ジンソル

Seven Important Factors for APAC Companies to Consider while Launching Products in the Digital Health and Digital Therapeutics Space

Digital health and digital therapeutics innovation, commercialization, and adoption is accelerating in the APAC region. Digital medicines as an area, globally, is not new, yet even the largest players in the sector can still be considered start-ups in many respects. This is because the regulatory and reimbursement pathways are still evolving, and this has had an impact on adoption and scale up. This continuing emergence has led to the exploration of alternative commercial models by many players in the space, with varying levels of success including in APAC. As a follow-up to the framework comparing regulatory requirements for DTx in the APAC region, put together by EVERSANA™’s digital medicine team, […]

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