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Andrew Grojean

Associate Director of Innovation


Artificial Intelligence (AI), Digital Technology

Andrew Grojean is an Associate Director of Innovation with EVERSANA and has more than a decade of experience in healthcare marketing and technology/digital innovation.

As a core member of the innovation strategy and consulting team, he helps develop artificial intelligence, virtual reality, and other emerging technologies for the pharmaceutical industry. In addition, he helps lead crowdsourcing initiatives across the company to maintain a culture of innovation and build new products and services for the life sciences industry.

Andrew’s social media and innovation expertise has been featured on CNN, PM360, MM&M, and many other healthcare industry publications. Andrew has been named Medical Marketing and Media’s 2015 Young Marketer of the Year and SMCKC’s 2017 Social Trailblazer of the Year.

Andrew holds a bachelor’s degree in Communication from Truman State University.

Articles by Andrew Grojean

How Generative AI and Synthetic Content Will Revolutionize Healthcare

The current state of technology is rapidly evolving. Areas such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) have made tremendous strides in generative models and synthetic content, such as ChatGPT, which was recently released. AI has the potential to revolutionize everything from entertainment to advertising, even impacting the healthcare and life science industries. EVERSANA expert, Andrew Grojean, Associate Director, Innovation, examines existing and future applications of AI and the challenges that must be overcome to reach its full potential.  Key topics this article explores include:  What is Synthetic Content and Generative AI?  How is this Technology Being Used Today?  What to Expect in 2023 and Beyond  Impact for Healthcare  Download the full POV […]

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