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Generate Real-Time Data and Actionable Insights Across the Product Life Cycle

Patient Finder

EVERSANA’s Direct-to-Patient Care Model expands your reach potential beyond traditional efforts, such as marketing campaigns, patient services programs and brand-educated HCP field solutions. ACTICS by EVERSANA™, our premier, tech-enabled solution, leverages machine learning, artificial intelligence and a robust set of EMR and claims data to drive hyper-targeted HCP and patient-finding capabilities.

Real-Time Actionable Data

From the patient-finding and HCP targeting capabilities of ACTICS, to the connectivity of telehealth, patient hub and specialty pharmacy, EVERSANA’s model aggregates and synthesizes pivotal data sets to analyze and predict trends and behaviors that inform HCP and patient campaign strategies.

Remove the guessing game and derive real-time insights for impactful decision making. Visibility to all patient touchpoints and functional areas empowers manufacturers to identify and solve access, affordability and adherence issues, course correcting at the root of the problem.

Financial Impact

Accuracy is extremely important, as errors can negatively impact rebates and promotions. They can also lead to funds being added or subtracted from the wrong areas of business, possibly leading to stunted revenue, cash crunches or excessive borrowing to fulfill obligations.

Through comprehensive data sets and predictive analytics, manufacturers can strengthen their forecasting, measure direct revenue impact and optimize their gross-to-net, resulting in an investment opportunity with the potential to yield a 3:1 ROI.