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NAVLIN Price & Access Software

NAVLIN Price & Access Software

Driving Successful Pricing Governance Decisions Across Global Markets

NAVLIN Price & Access Software (formerly PriceRight® by EVERSANA) is part of the NAVLIN ecosystem of data, software and insights solutions.  

NAVLIN Price & Access software provides the most accurate and comprehensive enterprise software solution to address global pricing challenges for pharmaceutical manufacturers. The intuitive software enables you to model and visualize price scenarios and control pharmaceutical pricing governance decisions across global markets with an easy-to-use workflow process.

NAVLIN Price & Access Software

Key Features

NAVLIN Price & Access Software provides:

  • Global Price Management – Integrate existing price and access data with the NAVLIN Price & Access software to take control of global pricing strategies.
  • Launch Sequence Optimization – Optimize pricing through the launch cycle by understanding and optimizing pricing impacts across markets.
  • International Reference Pricing (IRP) – Support product and portfolio price forecast analysis with advanced features like Monte Carlo simulation, breakeven analysis, and other features.
  • Contract & Tender Management – Manage your contracts and tenders through the full life cycle, from discovery, shaping and pricing to compliance.
  • Gross-to-Net – Analyze for net prices, contributors to average net selling price erosion, and forecast-to-actual pricing.
  • Price Certificates & Compliance – Monitor price accuracy, generate price certificates and manage national and state-level drug transparency reporting.
  • Security – ISO 27001 Security Certification
  • Reference Rules tracking in over 100 countries
  • $100B+ in revenue priced globally by NAVLIN
  • 10,000 SKUs under price management
  • 100,000+ price point decisions analyzed within NAVLIN to date

Experience the NAVLIN Difference

Launch Confidence

Optimize your launch with country sequencing, and benchmark your launch against our database of launches while also tracking competitor prices and changes in market landscape.

Smarter, Faster Pricing

Forecast your entire portfolio at once with our IRP module, run multi-variable scenarios, discover price floors and easily forecast patent expiry impact.

Tender Management

Gain visibility to upcoming tenders directly from tender sources, track and shape tender criteria, model a full range of discounts with
easy-to-set terms, analyze and simulate contract and tender pricing, and predict competitor bids and trends.

Price Accuracy & Compliance

Manage price changes with full control and compliance, flag affiliate-reported prices that vary from public sources, automatically generate local price certificates and manage state drug transparency reporting.

Access the PriceRight App

You can enjoy the same access to up-to-date pharmaceutical pricing, price governance proposals, and relevant breaking news through your iPhone. Whether you’re in a meeting, or on the go, PriceRight travels with you anywhere. The PriceRight App for iPhone is intuitive and user-friendly. It simplifies how you manage your records and attain crucial information on pricing trends and up-to-date changes across global markets. Other benefits include customizable notifications, at-a-glance proposal approval management, and reliable insights.


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