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Helping Patients Live Healthier Lives

Every patient’s journey is unique. That’s why EVERSANA is more than a pharmacy or call center. We are a team of pharmacists, patient service coordinators, nurses and medical information representatives dedicated to you.

If you need to fill a prescription, manage insurance needs or seek specific support, we are available. You may hear from an EVERSANA representative. Please return our calls or texts so that we can help.

Have you been contacted by an EVERSANA representative? Return our call or contact us.

How We Help You

Below are just a few of the ways we can help. Our patient service coordinators, pharmacists, nurses, call center representatives and medical experts have extensive experience in rare and complex diseases, including oncology and cell and therapies. We are here for you.

  • Specialty Pharmacy

    We distribute therapies to patients quickly and effectively through specialty pharmacy and direct-to-patient dispensing services

  • Co-Pay Programs

    We work with manufacturers to make prescription medications affordable for all patients and their families.

  • Patient Assistance Programs

    We manage full-service, cost-effective Patient Assistance Programs by enrolling patients and delivering their medication.

  • In-Home Nursing & Clinical Support

    Our pharmacists, nurses and support specialists offer the safety and convenience of in-home administration and customized patient care.

  • Clinical Trial Recruitment

    We help pharmaceutical developers find and engage patients to participate in clinical trials.

  • Medical Information & Communications

    Our call center representatives and pharmacists support drug safety and compliance by answering calls from patients and healthcare providers every day.

Our Vision

Watch our video to learn more about EVERSANA’s vision of Advancing Life Sciences Towards a Healthier World.