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What is Your Data Integration and Analytics Platform Strategy?

If I Could Only Ask Two Questions, the First One Would Be: What is Your Data Integration and Analytics Platform Strategy?

It’s really simple, data analytics drives decisions. In the healthcare industry, we use data to better understand the complexity of disease, improve forecasting and communications with patients, design more effective clinical trials, predict trends, customize treatment pathways, and so much more. My experience has proven that by breaking down traditional healthcare silos and integrating services, I can help clients manage data to improve efficiency and ultimately, patient outcomes. I like to start my exploration on helping clients improve efficiency by asking a simple question: What is your data integration and analytics platform strategy?

Delivering value in the era of empowered patients renders the one-size-fit-all patient services program obsolete. In today’s digital world, patients are online seeking information and resources about their health and connecting with others who have the same conditions. Technology has enhanced patient engagement and adherence through the use of digital tools, like wearables, for example, that enable patients and providers to stay connected and allow for home-based care.

In this article, EVERSANA’s Brigham Hyde outlines the importance of understanding how data can inform the “next best action” along the entire patient journey.

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“What is Your Data Integration and Analytics Platform Strategy?”
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