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The Patient Access Paradox: How the New CMS Rule Could Prioritize Drug Pricing Before Clinical Decision-Making

Proactively Responding to the CMS Final Rule: Launch Your Pilot Program Now

In January 2023, co-pay programs will be put to the test, consequently examining how well your brand can adapt to the Final Rule changes to meet patient and provider needs. Our recommendation: Don’t wait – start solutioning a patient-first approach to access and affordability now.

Creating the right solution for your program will require piloting solutions that provide the education and insights to drive the future configurations of your programs. The right solution will have to meet all patient preferences, and patient and provider engagement will have to become even more personalized as manufacturers guide consumers through their program and process changes. Failing to pilot now could result in a lower best price, noncompliant co-pay program and an increase in untreated patients down the road. 

Download the white paper to learn more the full impact the Final Rule will have on manufacturers, patients and providers.

“The Patient Access Paradox: How the New CMS Rule Could Prioritize Drug Pricing Before Clinical Decision-Making”
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