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Commercializing Digital Health as Durable Medical Equipment: A Conversation with BearingOn.Health

Join EVERSANA’s Brian Abraham, Senior Director of Market Access and Patient Access, as he engages in a thought-provoking conversation with Adam Kaufman of BearingOn.Health. Together, they unravel the complexities surrounding digital health commercialization and reimbursement models, shedding light on the regulatory, pricing, and market access implications.

In this exclusive discussion, Brian Abraham and Adam Kaufman explore five distinct models that are shaping the landscape of digital health commercialization:

  • Commercializing Digital Health as Durable Medical Equipment
  • Commercializing Digital Health as Physician Administrated Services
  • Commercializing Digital Health as Pharmaceutical, PBM
  • Commercializing Digital Health as Programmatic Spend
  • Commercializing Digital Health as Direct to Consumer

As the conversation unfolds, Brian Abraham shares invaluable insights into the future of digital health commercialization. He examines how these innovative models interact with regulatory frameworks, pricing strategies, and market access considerations. By weaving together real-world examples and case studies, Abraham provides a comprehensive view of the evolving landscape and equips industry professionals with the knowledge to navigate the complexities ahead.

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Brian Abraham
Senior Director,​ Market Access & Patient Services

Brian Abraham, Director of Revenue Management Solutions at EVERSANA™, helps medical technology and biopharma companies develop and execute strategies around coding, coverage and payment for innovative medical technology products. He has 20 years of…