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Case Study: Representative Engagements: Patient Access Platform for Digital Medicine Device

EVERSANA's patient access platform was customized to process prescriptions for a digital medicine product from a prescribing HCP, followed by reimbursement support, payment collection and dispensing using its specialty pharmacy.

the situation

The Situation

  • A client received FDA clearance for a digital women’s health product that includes a mobile app and a physical component.
  • The client was seeking to scale their commercial launch by engaging with a partner who could efficiently manage a high volume of claims, with experience specifically within the digital medicine sector.
  • The company engaged EVERSANA to customize its patient access platform to fit its needs, while enabling the client to take on various elements of the process on its own.
the solution

The Solution

  • EVERSANA customized its platform to receive prescriptions, obtain patient authorization/consent, dispense and distribute the product via its specialty pharmacy, and communicate with and exchange data with the client in real-time through APIs along every step of the patient’s journey.
  • The client maintained responsibility for direct communication with the patient, patient education, and initial interaction with prescribing HCP offices.
  • EVERSANA is set up as a ‘covered entity,’ enabling direct engagement with HCP offices on behalf of the client.
  • EVERSANA responsibilities include:
    • Prescription/order processing
    • Eligibility and data collection
    • Patient authorization and consent
    • Reimbursement support, including benefits verification and prior authorization
    • Payment collection, based on deductible and copay
    • Triage of order to EVERSANA specialty pharmacy
    • Dispensing, shipping and tracking of order
  • The product is currently on market and claims are being processed by EVERSANA.
the results

The Results

Sample Output: