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Meet EVERSANA at Asembia 2024

EVERSANA has rapidly grown our next generation commercialization services and created new solutions to improve: 

  • INNOVATION to expedite access to care with a direct-to-patient care model that integrates telehealth and provides a real-time verification of patients’ insurance benefits   
  • VISIBILITY into your patients’ journeys through the integration of our hub and field reimbursement specialist teams. (Yes, we’re on the frontline, talking with patients, providers and payers!) 
  • ONBOARDING through the latest in digital patient engagement, powered by advanced data, AI and ML technologies. (Let’s go beyond the buzz of “omnichannel”!) 
  • FINANCIAL PREDICTABILITY as we reduce abandonment with evolving co-pay and affordability strategies. (Are you on top of the changes?) 
  • DISTRIBUTION AGILITY for flexibility to increase efficiency, maximize investments and minimize risk on a product-by-product basis. (Are you in control?) 

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At EVERSANA, our team of experts leverage technology and automation to reduce access and affordability barriers, simplify onboarding and get patients on therapy faster, ultimately reducing frustrations and driving therapy adoption. Our Patient Services team is surrounded by best-in-class Field Deployment, Agency, Channel Management and more to ensure a positive brand experience. Explore more: 


EVERSANA reinvented commercialization in the pharmaceutical space. We work with large pharma to optimize the last few years of established brands – making the most out of revenue potential. We work with emerging biotech to launch their first products – delivering unparalleled agility to navigate market complexities and drive down costs – up to 20% if they had to commercialize on their own.  

  • Operational Rigor 
  • Integrated Services  
  • Optimized by Analytics 


We understand the needs and sophistication of complex therapies. Our award-winning commercialization models were developed to be agile, flexible, cost effective and to lower the risk of uncertainty. They are digital first and powered by data, analytics and AI.  

  • Agility to pivot strategies without “change order” mentality 
  • Speed to market 
  • Risk management 
  • Owners maintain full value of their asset