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Trade & Channel Strategies

EVERSANA™ is a proud sponsor of Informa Connect’s Trade & Channel Strategies delivered as a hybrid event, December 12-14 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and online. Visit our booth or schedule a meeting with EVERSANA’s experts to learn how EVERSANA leads the way in overcoming market complexities such as leveraging EVERSANA’s integrated channel and patient services capabilities.

Hear From EVERSANA’s Experts: Partnership Pavilion Panel

During this panel EVERSANA, EVOKE Pharma and UpScriptHealth will discuss how a pharma company (EVOKE) launched a novel therapy – in the middle of the pandemic – and was forced to pivot their specialty pharmacy and distribution strategy to overcome constrained access. Through collaboration, unconventional thinking and keeping their patients’ best interests top of mind, they combined the power of 3PL, patient services hub, telehealth and specialty pharmacy to ensure all patients had access to a life-changing therapy. This panel of industry experts will discuss how innovative partnerships and synergic thinking is overcoming unprecedented industry challenges to drive brand success.

Date/Time: Day 1, December 12 3:15-4:00 P.M. EST

Moderator: Paul Maurer, Principal, Specialty Consulting, EVERSANA​​


  • Danny Williams, President, Channel Management, EVERSANA
  • George Jones, Chief Operations Officer, UpScriptHealth
  • Chris Quesenberry, Chief Commercial Officer, EVOKE
  • Jon Haas, Senior Vice President, Strategic Accounts, Patient Services, EVERSANA

About EVERSANA’s Channel Management and 3PL Expertise

Antiquated, one-size-fits-all models lack the ability to customize services specific to product portfolio needs. For the past three years, EVERSANA, a leading life sciences commercial services provider, has provided manufacturers full access to an agile, innovative distribution model.

A part of this success stems from our unique ability to provide custom and cost-effective distribution models while remaining client centric and fostering a direct relationship with each end customer.

Manufacturers who partner with us have access to a dedicated team at EVERSANA that work to strategize a custom, cost-effective model best suited for their product portfolio and control their brand and their customer experience. This approach allows us to ensure therapies are delivered in a timely fashion and to the location most appropriate for the patient.

In addition, our lean distribution model offers manufacturers the ability to control distribution costs and the flexibility to increase efficiency, maximize investments and minimize risks. This approach provides visibility into all stages of product movement, inventory and transportation, comprehensive warehousing and logistics, supply chain actionable insights and independent channel partner relationships.

About EVERSANA’s Access and Hub

EVERSANA’s team of experts leverage technology and automation to reduce access and affordability barriers, simplify onboarding and get patients on therapy faster, ultimately reducing frustrations and driving therapy adoption.

For example, when a prescriber has selected a given therapy for a patient, several factors can create delays or barriers in getting the patient on therapy including formulary tier status, prior authorization or step therapy requirements, labor-intensive coverage appeals and more. Similarly, the network of specialty pharmacies managing specialty medications has narrowed in recent years. Working with specialty pharmacies to enable swift delivery of prescribed therapies often requires intervention by skilled experts.

To help streamline the prescribing process, a program with a careful combination of high-tech programs and high-touch support should be implemented with embedded digital tools and easy access to experts who can jump in when needed to help address patient needs.

Technology-based solutions both automate and streamline repetitive tasks such as digital interventions — which may include electronic benefit verification, streamlined patient enrollment into a product hub, co-pay assistance and more. In addition, many patients and caregivers may have questions or require assistance along their journey to treatment. Having highly trained support resources readily available who can pick up the phone and interact with physicians, payers and specialty pharmacies, can help patients effectively navigate the processes, paperwork and protocols associated with a particular specialty therapy.

About EVERSANA’s Specialty Pharmacy

EVERSANA’s deep-rooted connection between hub, specialty pharmacy and direct-to-patient dispensing services allows therapies to be supplied to patients quickly and effectively. Each Specialty Pharmacy program takes a high-touch, white gloves support approach and is individually tailored to best manage inventory, payer relationships, cash flow and wraparound patient service needs.

Our innovative model begins at the HUB, streamlining onboarding activities and offering support to patients navigating access barriers to ensure their access to therapy. Integrated with our specialty pharmacy program, therapies can quickly be delivered to patients at the necessary site of care, including convenient direct-to-patient dispensing and administration. After patients receive therapies, one point of contact is available for patients to share their experiences and ongoing monitoring and active outreach occurs to promote adherence.

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