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Advancing the Adoption and Commercialization of Digital Medicines

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DTx products, commercial models, and customers have matured. Manufacturers and digital innovators are now poised to take advantage of multiple pathways and EVERSANA’s commercialization ecosystem. No other firm has more commercial strategy, commercial execution, and operational experience in digital therapeutics than EVERSANA. Download our brochure or meet our team to learn more.

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Join EVERSANA and other leaders in the industry as we advance the conversation on:

  • Commercializing digital therapeutics by navigating the local regulatory pathways to approval
  • Advancing the adoption of companion apps
  • Securing broad payer coverage and reimbursement for digital therapies

We are thrilled to have representatives from our team attending multiple digital conferences this fall all over the world. We will have experts on hand to discuss how we can help support your brand with our commercial services platform by managing the launch and commercialization of your products and addressing specific program or patient needs.




Digital Therapeutics/Medicine Conference Schedule


DTA Hill Days – September 19-21 – Washington, D.C. 

DTx East – September 27-29 – Boston, MA

DTx East 2022 is aligned with the digital therapeutics industry and its efforts to establish digital within healthcare. Dedicated to tackling key challenges around reimbursement, regulation, physician adoption, patient engagement and more, DTx East 2022 is set to empower the experts and catalyze the digital evolution of healthcare.

Digital Health Council @Pfizer – September 29 – New York, NY

Panel Discussion: Challenges (and Solutions) to Rapid Omnichannel Transformation 

Moderated by Aaron Uydess, EVP, Customer Experience and Analytics, EVERANA INTOUCH

As pharmaceutical companies accelerate their omnichannel maturity, it is creating a new frontier in pharmaceutical marketing and sales. An increased focus on customer centricity is establishing a more tailored and blended approach across sales and marketing forcing organizations to be more sophisticated yet more streamlined.  As the landscape continues to evolve, now is the time for manufacturers to align new strategies with operating procedures, and innovation to competitively differentiate while meeting customer expectations.  This panel will focus on addressing the challenges that can arise with this kind of rapid transformation including the role of data driven marketing and sales, organizational accountability, streamlining execution, change management, technology and business impact.  


Debbie Sangiuliano, Director, Media Pfizer 

Ericka Higgins, VP Commercial Operations, Novo Nordisk   


Frontiers Health Global Hybrid Conference – October 20-21 – Milan, Italy

Panel DiscussionReimagining the Life Sciences Development and Commecialization Models in a Digital First World 

Moderated by Scott A. Snyder, PhD, Chief Digital Officer, EVERSANA, Senior Fellow, The Wharton School 

As Patient and HCP digital expectations and healthcare cost pressures have risen at an increased pace on the back of the pandemic, life science companies have had to challenge their existing development and commercialization models to turn-around increasing R&D costs, reduced HCP access, and declining patient engagement trends for their brands. Now is the time for manufacturers to align and execute new innovative development and commercialization models and relevant, data-driven experiences across the end-to-end Patient and HCP journeys.  This panel will focus on addressing this new opportunity and the key success factors to building a winning digital-first therapeutic model, including composable business architectures, data and AI ecosystems, and integrated care journeys that decrease time to therapy while improving operational efficiencies.    


Tim Goosens, Executive Director, Business Technology, Organon 

Bruno Villetelle , Global head of Data & Digital, Novartis Global Drug Development  

Ardy Arianpour, Chief Executive Officer & Co-founder, SEQSTER 

DTx Asia – November 8-9 – Seoul, South Korea

Panel Discussion – Breaking Down the Roadmap for Regulatory Approval of DTx in the APAC Regions

Moderated by Martin Culjat PhD, SVP of Regulatory Innovation and Digital Medicine, EVERSANA

This panel will cover:

  • Which countries are beginning to adopt regulatory guidelines for digital health products?
  • Insight into how regulatory approval in Europe and the US can translate to some Asian countries
  • How do these countries differ from one another?
  • Why are some countries in the APAC still hesitant to integrate DTx into healthcare? How can these issues be addressed?


Setiaji Setiaji, Chief of Digital Transformation Office, Ministry of Health of the Republic of Indonesia

Bunty Kundani, Head of Regulatory Affairs,​

Neeraj Mehta, Digital Health Expert, Ministry of Health, Government of India​

Brian Suh, Head of Government Affairs, Varian Korean, a Siemens Healthineers Company


  • Partnerships: Five end-to-end commercialization partnerships with digital medicine companies over the past two years, with several additional partnerships to be announced in 2022.
  • Breadth of Products Supported: Digital therapeutics, digital diagnostic aids, AI software, digital biomarkers, clinical decision support software, computer-assisted detection, wearables, and patient monitoring, and in many therapeutic areas.
  • Thought Leadership: Team includes leaders who have built, secured regulatory milestones, funded, partnered, and launched a variety of digital health products via various commercial models.
  • Commercial Models: Rich track record of working with DTx companies to develop their commercial infrastructure and thinking through how to prioritize and sequence capabilities to successfully get to market.

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