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Power in numbers: Seven national plans manage almost half of the medical lives in the U.S.

Market Access Macrotrends provides insight for you to stay on top of market access trends, anticipate how the healthcare landscape is evolving, and provide strategic guidance for your organization. Market Access Macrotrends answers your questions about changes in the access environment related to: • Current and emerging U.S. access trends • Response by stakeholders to […]

How Could Policy Changes to Protected Classes Impact Part D Access and Contracting?

(Content Updated 5/17) CMS Protected Class Rule Finalized, Slightly Loosened for Biopharma Following CMS’ 2018 proposed rule allowing for new protected class exceptions and a comment period for stakeholders through the beginning of this year, CMS has released a final rule addressing the Medicare Part D Protected Classes. The proposed rule allowed plans to restrict […]

biosimilar in new patients
New start versus switch patients for biosimilars?

Over the last several years, European market demand for biosimilars has accelerated with the entry of biosimilars for many reference biologics, including high-value molecules such as adalimumab, infliximab and etanercept. However, there have been reported variations between products and at the different levels of the healthcare system across markets. In order to investigate how the […]

biosimilar prioritization
Is your biosimilar product on the payer radar?

Biosimilars have been eagerly awaited in many European countries to realize cost savings from the biologics budget. Gaining insight on how European decision makers are currently prioritizing these biosimilars and how they expect this to shift by 2023 will allow a better understanding of the strategies that may prioritize revenue sources, identifying specific markets and […]

The Brink of the Biosimilar Revolution

Although biosimilars have not had the immediate uptake in the United States that they have had in Europe, health plans expect these products will become a staple of therapy for some diseases by 2020—if the price is right. Since the first biosimilar was approved in the United States in 2015, brand marketers have been bracing […]

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