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Trends in HTA Decisions

Alan Crowther and Dr. Magdi Stino explore trends in HTA decisions from the Pricentric HTA database for all therapeutic areas and within oncology. Examining over 25 HTA bodies from 2011 to 2019, they present findings on how decisions and ratings have changed over time, whether agencies are becoming more or less restrictive and the time to […]

At the COVID-19 Finish Line, How Do We Price The Winning Vaccine?

As of August 21, 2020, there were more than 165 potential vaccine candidates in development for the novel coronavirus. While some are still in preclinical stages, a handful are quickly making their way toward regulatory approval, meaning that pricing is starting to become an urgent reality. The first safety trials in humans started as early […]

Ask the Expert: Digital in Pharma | The Critical Questions

EVERSANA is uniquely positioned to follow the trends and introduce new models and strategies to maximize the value of pharmaceutical products through Digital Medicine Solutions and Execution. Digital Solutions can be deployed to impact the entire life cycle of a product in unprecedented ways. In a “digital tell-all” conversation, Ed Cox addresses four critical questions […]

The 2020 Playbook Addendum: Augment Your Frontline to Boost Sales Momentum

In the midst of a global pandemic, the role of commercial field teams evolved right before our eyes. Digital sales aids and tele-detailing are now mandatory sales tactics in a virtual Provider-Rep engagement. Now that field teams are starting to settle into “the new normal,” manufacturers are turning their attention to the next phase: make […]

[Infographic] Defining the Digital Space

Despite the increased popularity of Digital Therapeutics and Digital Medicines, there is still ambiguity around their definitions. This infographic provides clarity and defines the Digital Healthcare Space. Digital Therapeutics (DTx) Evidence-based digital solutions making direct therapeutic (and frequently drug-like) claims and regulated by the FDA, usually as Software-as-a-Medical Device (SaMD). Digital Medicine A broader category […]

“Ask the Expert” About Digital Therapeutics

The promise of digital health – from wearables to mobile health apps – could revolutionize healthcare by improving adherence, reducing costs, and making treatments more personalized. Mike Ryan shares insight on the opportunity to set a commercialization standard in the digital therapeutics market that meets customer need, works with regulators and payors, and defines how […]

German and United Kingdom Physicians Express Frustration with Health System Challenges

This brief by Health Strategies Insights summarizes preliminary results compiled from twelve 30-minute, one-on-one, in-depth, telephone interviews with a mix of physician specialists from the United Kingdom (U.K.) and Germany. While the physicians discussed benefits of their respective health care systems, many raised significant challenges and limitations in providing the care they believed would be […]

European Pricing Platform: The State of International Reference Pricing

Worldwide, pricing policy is always in flux. In this webinar, EVERSANA’s General Manager of Global Pricing and Access, Alan Crowther, examines global trends impacting the International Reference Pricing (IRP) landscape and discusses the possible effects these could have on the United States’ proposed International Pricing Index (IPI). In this discussion, Crowther looks beyond the in-country […]

“Who wants the biggest slice of the biosimilar pie?”: The Humira biosimilar wave in Europe

PRICENTRIC BRIEF: Biosimilar competition in Europe has brought about discounts to AbbVie’s blockbuster immunosuppressant drug Humira upwards of 80% during tendering Overall, biosimilar uptake has increased in Europe because biologic “copycats” are cheaper, but full faith in these products is still required from physicians and patients In the US, Coherus struck preemptively with a 33% […]