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Change Doesn’t Happen in a Vacuum

Advocates influence agendas and policies by engaging directly with decision-makers, bringing personal experience to the forefront, and telling their stories – or stories on behalf of others who can’t speak for themselves. We are re-envisioning advocacy that includes a detailed needs assessment, campaign support.

Our Process to Developing an Effective Advocacy Campaign

We have developed an advocacy process to evaluate your needs, and craft your campaign:

  1. Identify your issues: What are the problems, concerns, or challenges that you face individually or as a group?
  2. Test and frame your issues: What are the issues that matter most to you? What are the issues that matter most to the people you represent?
  3. Develop your key messages: What are the salient points of your issue that you want to explain?
  4. Determine your one ‘ask’: What is it that you need? (not what you want)
  5. Choose your advocacy tools and targets: What are the means by which you will deliver your messages and to whom will you deliver them?

From experience, we know the importance of remaining nimble and agile because plans and processes can, and do, change. We work closely with our clients to ensure that any required shift in strategy is reflected in the tactical execution, and we provide ongoing evaluation of the campaign’s impact – measuring against desired outcomes.

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