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Function Over Fashion: Implementing Value-Based Contracts Successfully

Public outcry over drug pricing, increased government scrutiny, and proposed exceptions to government pricing rules propelled the healthcare industry to move from volume to value-based contracting models. Known alternatively as innovative outcomes or risk-based agreements, value-based contracts are performance contingent structures that aim to reinforce positive results, rather than just securing access and offering lower […]

Unlocking the Potential of Revenue Management Data – Webinar

Revenue management systems hold valuable data with tremendous potential to provide business insights. Unfortunately, the power of this data is often locked behind technology barriers and reporting roadblocks such as: Data and analytics sourced from multiple platforms Transactional data sets varying across lines of business Differing objectives across departments In this webinar, EVERSANA’s Managing Consultant, […]

Evolving Processes to Manage Value-Based Contracts

For the past several years, the pharmaceutical industry has focused on exploring and establishing value-based contracts (VBCs) between manufacturers and their customers. In these arrangements, payments are predicated upon measurements of patient welfare, rather than formulary access, purchase volumes or market share. Yet, despite the appeal of these arrangements, many manufacturers have been reticent to […]

More Data, More Problems, More Potential

As the healthcare industry shifts from volume-based care to a value-based reimbursement structure, data analytics will be critical in shaping the future of the pharmaceutical industry. More so than perhaps any recent industry trend, value base contracting is positioned at a unique intersection between various disciplines in the pharmaceutical industry. Clinical data informs market research, […]

Challenges and Best Practices in Managing Value Based Contracts

Manufacturers face a variety of hurdles when negotiating value based contracts: from data access and standardization, deal structure variation, payment variability and scheduling, to changing laws and regulations. And, as the industry shifts to value-driven healthcare, the demand for innovative product commercialization and pricing models grows. In this webinar EVERSANA experts Robert Blank and Mike […]

Gross-to-Net Improvement Through Holistic Revenue Enhancement

Consistent price increases have long been a staple of commercial strategy for pharmaceutical manufacturers. From this uplift in topline revenue, more sizable discounts can be provided to industry middlemen, like pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs), in order to secure more favorable formulary positioning. Rather than continue forward with traditional market access strategies, manufacturers should consider revenue […]

Building a Service Offering from the Research Lab to the Patient’s Home

A Conversation with Pharmaceutical Commerce & Jim Lang, Chief Executive Officer, EVERSANA Not quite a year ago, an assemblage of pharma service providers came into being as EVERSANA. Funded by two private equity firms with a background in healthcare—Water Street Healthcare Partners and JLL Partners, there were six acquisitions at the time: Dohmen Life Science […]

Are We Transforming In The Right Way?

Why Product Launches Can’t Be Distracted By Empty Promises. We can all agree that innovations in therapeutic development have advanced beyond traditional product launch strategies and service models. In every step of the product lifecycle, we see pockets of transformation. The problem is exactly that – “pockets” of transformation. Your product launch strategy has to […]

Streamline Chargeback and Channel Operations

Robert Blank, Managing Consultant at EVERSANA, moderated a panel with industry experts from Sanofi, Zydus, and UCB at CBI’s 15th Annual Commercial Contract and Chargeback Excellence.  The topic: “Process Improvement in Contract Administration and Management — Streamlining Chargeback Operations, GPO Rosters and Channel Operations.” If you missed this presentation, download Robert’s white paper on the […]

Membership Management Challenges and Best Practices

In the pharmaceutical industry, access to pricing is primarily driven by membership.Institutions like hospitals, clinics, and pharmacies sign up as members of a Group Purchasing Organization (GPO) to be eligible to purchase products at a discounted rate. In turn, the GPO leverages its collective purchasing power with the pharmaceutical manufacturers to secure a lower price […]