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Price Right or Pay Later

Dive into the intricate world of pharmaceutical pricing with “Price Right or Pay Later” by Christopher Nüesch, Chad McAuliffe, and Andrew Therrien. In this groundbreaking paper, EVERSANA exposes the critical yet often overlooked nuances of pricing strategies in the pharmaceutical industry.

Through meticulous analysis and real-world examples, discover why setting the right price at launch can make or break a product’s commercial success. From navigating payer dynamics to mastering lifecycle management, this paper unveils a comprehensive approach to pricing that promises sustainable revenue in an ever-evolving market. Don’t miss your chance to revolutionize your pricing strategy and secure your brand’s competitive edge.

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Chris brings over a decade of life sciences consulting experience, from strategy to execution, in market access, commercialization, and brand management for biopharma companies of all sizes. He has a background in life sciences consulting engagements…

Chad McAuliffe
Associate Partner

Chad provides high-impact results for biopharmaceutical companies through strategy and pricing initiatives. His experience includes revenue-optimal pricing for rare disease therapies, market assessments informing product launch decisions and product commercialization, and payer insight research…

Andrew Therrien, PhD
Engagement Manager

Andy is an Engagement Manager at EVERSANA MANAGEMENT CONSULTING with a background in chemistry, chemical engineering and life sciences consulting. Prior to joining EVERSANA, Andy was a consultant at EQUITAS Life Sciences, where he…