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EVERSANA is proud to be attending this year’s DTx Europe Summit taking place 28-29 June 2022 in London, UK and online. Schedule a meeting today to connect with digital therapeutic innovators,

Join EVERSANA and other leaders in the industry, at the upcoming DTx Europe conference as we advance the conversation on:

  • Commercializing digital therapeutics by navigating the local regulatory pathways to approval
  • Advancing the adoption of companion apps
  • Securing broad payer coverage and reimbursement for digital therapies

Be sure to check out the following panel to hear from Martin Culjat, Senior VP, Regulatory Innovation & Digital Medicine, EVERSANA and other panelists discuss the need for innovation in policy of clinical trials.

Exploring a Need for Change of Clinical Trials in Digital Medicine
Tuesday, 28 June – 2:20pm BST

The current framework for clinical trials in digital health falls under an umbrella of one size fits all. There is an unwritten dichotomy between regularly updated software based digital health products and how regulatory frameworks are designed.  This panel of experts will dive deep into discussing the need for innovation in policy of clinical trials.

  • What are the key challenges facing the European market in clinical trials today?
  • How can we utilise decentralised clinical trials to bring value to the DTx industry?
  • How do decentralized clinical trials compare to traditional studies?
  • Where can changes be made within the clinic to develop more efficient trials for DTx?
  • What changes must be made in regulation to accommodate for new digital medicine?
  • Companies are trying to innovate software fast in DTx but regulatory issues are getting in the way, how can we combat this?
  • How much of an algorithm can change for its regulatory classification to change?

Moderator: John Drakenberg Renander, Co-Founder & CEO, Alex Therapeutics

Julian Angern, Co-Founder & CPO, Sympatient

Martin Culjat, Senior VP, Regulatory Innovation & Digital Medicine, EVERSANA

Jorge Palacios, Senior Digital Health Scientist, SilverCloud Health, part of Amwell

Graham Jones, Director of Innovation, Novartis

Nora Blum, Co-Founder & CEO, Selfapy