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Sybil Mead

Senior Research Director, Health Strategies Insights


Sybil Mead

Sybil Mead is a senior research director. She directs the Value, Quality and Reimbursement and Delivery of Care services from Health Strategies Insights by EVERSANA. Her expertise is in managed Medicare, on which she led a service for 8 years. She also led the Medicaid Rx Payers, Accountable Care Organizations and Health Insurance Exchanges service and has served as an analyst and consultant on employer market intelligence as well as various custom client engagements.

Last year, Sybil led policy-specific reports affecting pharma government payer access including: Balanced Budget Act (coverage gap fill), Trump Patients First Blueprint, several CMS Medicare announcements including changes to Part D indications-based formulary access, Part B step edits flexibility, Part B international reference pricing, CAPs and reimbursement changes.

Sybil is launching a new Medicare service in 2019 addressing potential effects of rebate transparency and elimination in Part D. A market alert is forthcoming on the implications of VBID expansion and Part D payment modernization models.


Pricing, Reimbursement & Market Access, Research & Insights

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