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Suzanne Greenwood, RN, BSN

Senior Vice President and Commercial Lead


Field Sales & Reimbursement, Immuno-oncology, Medical Information & Pharmacovigilance, Oncology, Patient Journey, Patient Services

Suzanne Greenwood, RN, BSN, a bio-pharmaceutical executive leader with 25+ years of oncology experience, serves as the Senior Vice President and Commercial Lead for the MacroGenics/EVERSANA partnership. Prior to joining EVERSANA, Suzanne held various senior leadership positions in sales, medical management, and strategic business development. With proven excellence in building top-performing teams in both domestic and international markets, she brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to EVERSANA clients. Suzanne earned her Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Syracuse University.

Articles by Suzanne Greenwood, RN, BSN

Getting Treatments to Patients When They Need Them Most: Next Gen Commercialization in Oncology

Commercializing oncology products is extremely complex, but successfully launching new therapies to market is essential for patients and providers in the fight against cancer. In 2020, about 10 million people died from cancer, proving even in a global pandemic that cancer continues to be a leading cause of death globally. While the oncology pipeline is […]

Next Gen Commercialization: Accelerating Patient Access to Life-Changing Therapies

Fifty years ago, only half of the patients diagnosed with cancer in the United States would have been alive five years later. By 2009, patient survival climbed to 70%. The problem is, in all our years working in the pharmaceutical industry and oncology, commercialization has not evolved with science. Manufacturers preparing for launch probably only see […]

High-Efficiency Commercialization for High-Science Brands

High-stake or complex therapies, such as cell and gene therapies, immunotherapies and RNA interference (RNAi), have the potential to change the course of treatment for cancer patients and patients with rare diseases. But first, pharma companies must work with providers to navigate patient access complications and distribute these life-saving treatments in a timely manner.  While physicians, patients and caregivers fight complex and rare diseases, a […]

Facilitating Positive Patient Outcomes At The Frontline

In this new era of outcomes-based healthcare, new therapies are becoming more complex, specialized and data-driven. Demonstrating real-world evidence of a brand’s therapeutic success is dependent on identifying the right patients and sustaining their long-term adherence. As clinical experts deployed to the frontline, how can Medical Science Liaisons (MSLs) contribute to facilitating these positive patient […]

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