Alan Crowther

General Manager, Global Pricing, Access and Digital Solutions


Alan Crowther

Alan has spent close to 20 years doing commercial work for the life sciences industry. His experience includes creating innovative solutions for global pricing and access, including work on price optimization, global data collection and analysis, and the use of advanced algorithms to support commercial decisions, including pricing.

Alan has shared his expertise and insight and has spoken extensively at a number of pharmaceutical conferences on drug and device pricing. He was previously the CEO of Alliance Life Sciences and prior to that held positions as vice president in life sciences at Adjoined/Capgemini and as managing officer in Andersen Consulting, where he led a number of large technology projects.

Alan is a graduate of Princeton University.


Consulting (Strategy Management & Regulatory), Data & Software (Pricing, HEOR), Pricing, Reimbursement & Market Access

Articles by Alan Crowther

Trends in HTA Decisions

Alan Crowther and Dr. Magdi Stino explore trends in HTA decisions from the Pricentric HTA database for all therapeutic areas and within oncology. Examining over 25 HTA bodies from 2011 to 2019, they present findings on how decisions and ratings have changed over time, whether agencies are becoming more or less restrictive and the time to […]

European Pricing Platform: The State of International Reference Pricing

Worldwide, pricing policy is always in flux. In this webinar, EVERSANA’s General Manager of Global Pricing and Access, Alan Crowther, examines global trends impacting the International Reference Pricing (IRP) landscape and discusses the possible effects these could have on the United States’ proposed International Pricing Index (IPI). In this discussion, Crowther looks beyond the in-country […]

Biosimilar Pricing in Europe

This report titled Biosimilar Pricing in Europe is published by Pricentric, by EVERSANA. It examines the pricing and pricing trends of biosimilar drugs in the US and EU5. It particularly looks at the pricing of Infliximab and its effect in the markets.        

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