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Barry Vucsko


Marketing and Advertising, Oncology, Product Launch

Barry has more than 25 years of marketing, advertising and consulting experience spanning more than 100 brands and several continents. Barry started his career as a copywriter and eventually became an award-winning VP-level Creative Director. Ten years ago, he crossed the agency chasm to take a Client Services leadership role over a multi-agency, joint venture launch in the EU5. Since then, he has remained in client services and has consistently evangelized a mission to harmonize strategy, medical and creative.

Barry has extensive experience with HCP, Consumer, and Managed Care targets, as well as Global and US launches for everything from ultra-rare to blockbuster treatments. He has a proven track record of developing integrated brand communications that achieve impact and drive business. Barry has a wide range of therapeutic experience and has a passion for helping to solve problems in oncology.

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