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Ariel Salmang

Managing Director, EVERSANA INTOUCH International


Artificial Intelligence (AI), Client Services, Digital Technology, Emerging Technology, Leadership, Marketing and Advertising

Ariel has led impactful digital strategies and implementation across multiple industries, from media and FMCG to telecommunications and healthcare, where he has spent the past 10+ years focusing on the digital evolution of pharma companies and the creation of impactful digital brand and sales drivers.

His healthcare experience includes local, regional, and pan-regional projects across the US, Europe, APAC, and LATAM. Ariel is passionate about driving commercial excellence through enterprise-level digital transformation.

Articles by Ariel Salmang

Maximizing Sales Impact in a Hybrid World

In an evolving pharmaceutical landscape, traditional sales methods are giving way to a new hybrid approach. “Maximizing Sales Impact in a Hybrid World” delves into this transformative shift, exploring how data-driven strategies blend personal and non-personal engagement to optimize customer interactions. Discover how adaptable content, real-time analytics, and integrated teams are revolutionizing sales, leading to […]

Achieving Digital Enlightenment in 2023 and Beyond

As evolving technologies and societal changes continue to push the use of digital channels and media, the reality is that healthcare professionals, patients and other key stakeholders are increasingly ‘digital natives’, who expect new ways of interacting. However, leveraging the full potential of evolving technologies requires a conscious choice and clear commitment to customer experience in an […]

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