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Mapping the Patient Journey

The Patient Journey Is Not Linear

In today’s value-based, outcomes-driven healthcare environment, patients are involved in their journeys more so than ever. Interconnectivity between all stakeholders and a 360° view of everything that touches the patient are essential when mapping each patient’s unique and differentiated journey. But how do you ensure you are making the right connections?

Why Map the Patient Journey?

  • Garner a deep understanding of patient beliefs and behaviors​.

    Strategy, engagements, tactics and creative content are anchored by patient motivators, beliefs and behaviors as well as their interactions with healthcare providers.​

  • Chart a roadmap for positively affecting change.​

    Trials, programs, resources and content make a real difference because they address key unmet needs and intervention points throughout the patient journey.​

  • Identify intersections between stakeholder and brand needs​.

    Programs and strategies are more successful when they support the brand while also authentically supporting the needs of patients, HCPs and other stakeholders. ​

  • Build long-term relationships with advocates​.

    Through a commitment to enhancing the patient experience, stakeholders see value beyond the product itself and advocate on your behalf.​

Overcoming Common Challenges

There are many challenges pharma and biotech companies face when mapping a patient journey: 

  • Siloed journeys for each stakeholder 
  • Insights that are not actionable 
  • Insights that are factual, not multidimensional 
  • Nuanced dynamics across stakeholders that are not well captured 
  • Difficulty of uncovering experience and nuances in journey in rare disease 
  • Journeys focused on average and difficult to quantify 
  • Journeys made at a single point in time and “left on the shell” 

How Do We Do It?

With 50+ qualitative and quantitative patient journeys completed and robust experience delivering patient journey insights to stakeholders across the industry, our tailored approach uncovers rich insights and actionable opportunities for all stakeholders. At EVERSANA, we use a qualitative approach to capture the nuanced experience of even small patient groups. We get to know the facts and feelings that influence both patient and provider beliefs and behaviors.  

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