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Commercialize Oncology Innovation

Next Gen Commercialization for Oncology Innovation

Launching in today’s unpredictable market is a journey with new challenges around every corner.

While the oncology pipeline is rapidly growing, stringent competition and an evolving provider environment are putting intense pressure on manufacturers to build effective commercialization infrastructures and launch products at unprecedented speeds, which comes at a steep price. Prepping for launch and the first five years of commercialization costs $265M on average and can range anywhere from $150 to $450M.

As science works at warp speed to treat cancer patients, the traditional commercialization process is still too inefficient, costly and cumbersome – but there’s another option. Finally, the pharmaceutical industry is catching up to the oncology manufacturers who are innovating to extend survival, helping them streamline launch and maximize brand value to improve patient outcomes.

The 3 Pillars of Commercialization

While there are traditional, common pathways to commercialize, these options cause manufacturers to lose ownership in an investment that takes years – sometimes decades – to develop. Oncology manufacturers should not be forced to sacrifice their company value to make their life-changing product available to patients; nor should they have to invest more than $200MM over three years to commercialize on their own.

EVERSANA’s end-to-end, integrated model, EVERSANA COMPLETE Commercialization™, is uniquely designed to address challenges in the oncology pipeline with agility and data-driven solutions. With an infrastructure based on product and patient needs, COMPLETE Commercialization provides manufacturers the flexibility and expertise to customize their strategies and build functional service areas for a successful launch. Today’s oncology manufacturers need to leverage  the “3 Pillars of COMPLETE Commercialization,” which include these key elements to a successful launch:

  1. A deep bench of industry experts
  2. An agile, fit-to-scale model that addresses the unique needs of each product
  3. All commercial services (e.g., patient services, field solutions, market access, etc.) under one roof

With one accountable commercialization partner to make decisions with, manufacturers can enable connectivity between services to manage costs, lower compliance and competitive risks and increase speed to launch in today’s complex market – and ultimately provide timely patient access. EVERSANA’s innovative model overcomes launch complexities and inefficient strategies to get therapies to cancer patients with increased speed, agility and momentum.

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In a new 60-minute virtual panel, “Next Gen Commercial Models in Oncology,” PharmaVOICE Editor Taren Grom sat down with industry leaders to discuss how changing market dynamics and a rich pipeline in oncology are creating a need for next gen commercial models.

Engaging Oncology Patients and Providers in The Age of COVID And Beyond

The engagement model for oncology patients and providers is failing, and challenges brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic have only accelerated the trend. Not only are pharmaceutical reps restricted in the types of information they are allowed to communicate, but their access to providers in oncology practices is also more limited than ever as a result of COVID and productivity concerns.

Meet Our Oncology Experts

We assembled a team of leading experts to help navigate the most complex commercialization challenges. Meet these and other experts across EVERSANA.

Suzanne Greenwood, RN, BSN

Suzanne Greenwood, RN, BSN

Senior Vice President
Maneesh Gupta

Maneesh Gupta

Anne Marie Robertson

Anne Marie Robertson

SVP, Strategy & Marketing
Chien Sun, PhD

Chien Sun, PhD

Ellen Cappellino

Ellen Cappellino

SVP, Market Access & Patient Services
Rohit Sood

Rohit Sood

Executive Vice President, Integrated Partnership Operations

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