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Channel & Trade Strategies

We provide strategies and tactics that streamline the process of getting products out of your hands and into patients’ hands. 

Whether you are in need of a standardized process or looking for someone to help negotiate distribution contracts, we provide plans that address the logistics of getting your products out of the manufacturer’s hands and to the patients, so they can start and stay on therapy.

In this complicated marketplace, we’ll help you determine who you should sell to and through. Here are a few of the channel and trade services we specialize in:

  • Channel/Distribution/Trade Strategy
  • Contracting Strategy for 3PL, Specialty Distribution, Specialty Pharmacy, Full Line Wholesalers
  • RFP Process
  • Channel and Distribution Implementation
  • Channel Optimization
  • Gross-to-Net Modeling
  • Contract Analysis

We are always considering the impact our channel decisions will have on gross-to-net performance.

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