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Membership Management by MemberCentric

Capture a True Profile of Your Membership Data 

MemberCentric, a technology-enabled data service, correlates customer membership information from internal contract management systems with reference data sources from industry-standard data providers. The objective is to reconcile the most accurate representation of inbound membership records. This service is applicable to both pharma and medical device clients.  

Why it’s important? 

Understanding your client master is an important component of revenue management. Assuring rebates and discounts are attributed to the right customers.

What are the three major functions of MemberCentric?

  •  Roster Management
  • Master Data Management
  • Customer Validation

How does it work? 

MemberCentric leverages a rule-based engine that encourages a standardized and consistent approach to GPO membership processing. As membership data goes through an enrichment process, the system validates assigned Class of Trades to ensure the accurate classification of each membership record.  

Once completed, MemberCentric generates an enriched and completed representation of the original roster record that can be accurately utilized in the contracting system.  

MemberCentric provides comprehensive third-party data matching with sources such as: DEA, HIN, NCPDP, HRSA, HCRS and AHD.

Our automated solution delivers significant benefits:

  • Enhanced revenue by avoiding discounts provided to ineligible recipients.
  • Strengthened data integrity of inbound GPO membership roster information.
  • Increased process efficiencies in GPO membership management.
  • Reduced risk by avoiding potential Best Price calculation inaccuracies.