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Patient Support Services

Earning the Strongest Patient Relationship


At EVERSANA, we believe patient experience trumps everything – creating the right experience is the only way to earn a relationship with those you serve. You’ll partner with the most important stakeholder – the patients’ themselves- to drive awareness programs, education and support services to promote adherence and better health outcomes. The process begins far before a prescription is written. From clinical trial recruitment to comprehensive patient support, you’ll have the EVERSANA INTOUCH ENGAGE 随时为您提供一流的 HUB 和配送服务。


我们的 HUB 计划和电子服务可帮助患者快速且顺利地完成复杂的入院流程(或临床试验协调),同时帮助您更快获得收益,提高市场份额。遇到就医障碍时,我们的共付计划和替代保险服务可提供包括患者援助计划在内的多种费用管理方案,帮助您的患者获得治疗。

Pharmacy Services

Our distribution services, including direct-to-patient delivery, get therapies to patients quickly and effectively. You can tailor your programs to best manage inventory, payer relationships, cash flow and wrap-around patient service needs. And in an industry where adherence is critical, our patient engagement and clinical nurse services provide proactive education and support to your patients and providers – all with the goal of increasing awareness and loyalty.

  • Clinical Trials Recruitment & Support
    • Seeker Health, by EVERSANA
  • Patient Engagement & Co-Creation
    • The Patient Experience Project, by EVERSANA
    • Patient Journey Mapping
  • Access & Reimbursement
    • HUB services
    • Rare/ Orphan High Touch Concierge Services
    • eServices
    • Co-Pay Programs
    • Co-Pay Connect
    • eServices
    • Field Reimbursement
  • Affordability Solutions
    • Alternative Coverage Support
    • PAP Enrollment & Distribution
  • Adherence Services
    • Clinical nurse services
    • Patient engagement services
  • Pharmacy Services
    • Title & Non-Title Models
    • Direct-to-Patient
    • Free Product Support