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When A Curveball Threatens Your Product’s Launch

In his latest article, Mike DeLaroche shares his insights on common scenarios that derail the launch and commercialization of new pharmaceutical products and ways to mitigate them.

These common and often very disruptive scenarios don’t have to threaten your launch:

  1. Your FDA approval doesn’t go as planned.
  2. Uncertain market conditions adversely affect your ability to raise — or re-raise —capital.
  3. A legal, manufacturing, compliance or other operational issue catches your team off guard.

Download the article to learn about proven strategies to help shield your company from these unwelcome surprises by reducing your financial exposure and creating a more stable and flexible launch operation.

In this 3-minute video, Mike DeLaroche shares a new commercializing model that mitigates risk and combats curveballs that manufacturers cannot predict when launching products.

“When A Curveball Threatens Your Product's Launch”
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