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Trends in HTA Decisions

Alan Crowther and Dr. Magdi Stino explore trends in HTA decisions from the Pricentric HTA database for all therapeutic areas and within oncology. Examining over 25 HTA bodies from 2011 to 2019, they present findings on how decisions and ratings have changed over time, whether agencies are becoming more or less restrictive and the time to decision is increasing or decreasing, and the degree of congruence between HTA bodies when they evaluate the same products for the same indications.

To detail some recent trends and share approaches for using HTA data for decision-making, they leveraged information from the Pricentric HTA database, pulling data from a subset of markets to assess the trends over the last 10 years.

HTA Outcome Trends

Looking specifically at the UK, Germany, France, Canada and Brazil, Dr. Stino went on to assess the rating and recommendation types over the span of the last decade in order to see how they might be changing over time. To do this, he assessed the first product decision for each assessed indication for each HTA body, focusing generally on all therapeutic areas and then for oncology.

Time to Initial Decision

Following from the previous data, Dr. Stino questioned how decision times may be changing within these same agencies by looking at the median time to first product decision/rating for the first assessed indication from the product approval date.


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Alan Crowther
General Manager, Global Pricing, Access and Digital Solutions

Alan has spent close to 20 years doing commercial work for the life sciences industry. His experience includes creating innovative solutions for global pricing and access, including work on price optimization, global data collection…

Magdi Stino
Product Manager

Dr. Magdi Stino is a Product Manager for EVERSANA and leads their efforts in aggregating data from and analyzing HTA decisions across the globe.  He earned his PhD in Health Policy from the University…