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How to Enhance Provider and Patient Engagement in Tech-Savvy Healthcare

Pharmaceutical representatives have always been a welcomed resource and consistent office visitor for healthcare providers (HCPs). Today, in a world operating largely virtually, pharma reps are re-strategizing HCP engagement in the same way providers are rethinking patient outreach. 

As telehealth intercepts in-person appointments and office visits with HCPs become limited, providers will have to determine how, where and when they will spend time with sales reps moving forward. 

Even in a virtual world, providers are still interested in having face-to-face, value-driven conversations with sales reps. Reuters reported that almost 70% of HCPs prefer live remote or phone detailing to webinars, e-meetings, email, website browsing, bots and online journals — yet more than 72% of HCPs say in-person access to providers will remain limited post-COVID-19. 

In this shifting health landscape, our commercialization experts understand that pharma reps are navigating virtual communication platforms to provide HCPs with critical healthcare information. Without evolving to a hybrid — in-person and virtual — rep model, pharmaceutical companies could miss key opportunities for growth in HCP engagement. Read more about the obstacles to be overcome in the January edition of PharmaVoice.

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