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EVERSANA™ COMPLETE Commercialization – Executing on 4 Key Performance Indicators

EVERSANA’s Rohit Sood, Executive Vice President, COMPLETE Commercialization shares the four key performance indicators we focus on with every EVERSANA COMPLETE Commercialization program – Speed, Agility, Consistency and Risk Management.  

Check out our whitepaper, CHALLENGING TRADITION: The argument for integrated commercialization to improve operational agility, to learn more about what occurs when pharmaceutical companies: 

  • lean into evolution and adopt an innovative mindset, 
  • leverage a fully integrated commercialization model to drive operational excellence, 
  • harness the energy and momentum in an efficient and accessible package and  
  • turn away from fixed and sluggish structures and toward more efficient partnerships for success. 


Rohit Sood
Executive Vice President, COMPLETE Commercialization

Rohit is helping EVERSANA disrupt the life sciences industry with innovative commercialization solutions. As a strategy and operations professional, he has served as both an advisor and global strategy leader, driving top-line business growth…