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The AI Revolution in HEOR: How ChatGPT-4o and Multi-AI Agents Are Shaping the Future

Discover the future of Health Economics and Outcomes Research (HEOR) in our article, ‘The AI Revolution in HEOR’. Learn how AI, particularly ChatGPT-4o, is transforming the field with its enhanced speed and capabilities. Explore the potential of multi-AI agents in augmenting HEOR workflows and the emerging role of AI in supporting core HEOR services. This article also delves into the leadership skills required for managing AI agents and the AI-first approach of EVERSANA. Don’t miss out on this insightful read.

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Chris Cameron headshot
Chris Cameron, PhD
Chief Scientific Officer

Dr. Chris Cameron is a global thought leader in health economics and outcomes research with over a decade of experience. Prior to joining EVERSANA, Chris was a partner at Cornerstone Research Group Inc., and…

Tim Disher, RN, PhD
Senior Director, Biostatistics

Tim is an experienced analyst and emerging thought leader in the application of Bayesian methods to complex problems. His Vanier Canada Graduate Funded dissertation research focused on the  incorporation of multivariate evidence synthesis in…