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A YEAR OF ACTION: Why Data-Backed, Integrated Commercialization Strategies Are Must-haves in 2022

By applying transformative commercialization models, nurturing digital transformation and trailblazing in global expansion, we can get therapies to patients around the world who are still waiting for treatment options.

For the past two years, the pharmaceutical industry has proven that it can adapt to change. In 2020, pharma pivoted to manage the coronavirus pandemic, and in 2021 the industry was met with the resounding need to keep pushing, keep evolving – so it did. While some change was overdue, such as streamlining outdated processes with leading technologies, other changes were radical and transformative. In the past two years, changing market conditions have forced pharma to consider new strategies, resulting in unprecedented feats, including:

  • We can develop and globally launch a life-saving vaccine in less than 9 months.
  • We can guide HCPs to patient diagnoses using data-driven personas.
  • A patient request can be answered in less than 6 minutes.
  • Integrated commercial services can save manufacturers up to 23% in overspend.

Now, the new standard is set. The “next gen” services of tomorrow are here, and manufacturers must meet today’s elevated industry expectations to have any real chance at commercialization success. When the average research and development cost to produce a pharmaceutical compound from discovery to launch is about $1.3 billion, there is no room for failure.

As we enter 2022 — with a focus on the surging, rich oncology and high science pipeline — we ask ourselves, Where do we need to continue evolving to deliver therapies to patients faster than ever before? The industry has overcome the steep uphill climb of the past few years, but we must continue the momentum. This year is the time to act, using proven integrated commercialization strategies driven by cutting-edge technologies and faster, real-time data to improve the patient journey with innovative and life-changing therapies when patients need them the most: now.

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