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Mapping the Black Experience: EVERSANA’s Journey Through Black History Month

Black History Month 2024 EVERSANA Diversity

Celebrating Black History Month 2024 at EVERSANA

As we bid farewell to Black History Month, EVERSANA is proud to reflect on the inspiring and engaging activities that unfolded throughout February. Our theme, “Mapping the Black Experience: Exploring Black Culture through Art, Food, and Travel,” took center stage, providing a platform for insightful discussions and exclusive events. Let’s delve into the highlights of this month-long celebration to honor and amplify the rich tapestry of Black history. 

Digging Deeper, Connecting Farther: 2024 Black History Month Theme Explained

EVERSANA’s Black Professional Network, Co-Chaired by Eric Terry, Director, Quality Control and Martika Chappell, People Specialist, used inspiration from other national themes – such as the National Museum of African American History & Culture’s “Art of Resistance” theme – coupled with EVERSANA’s ties to Memphis, TN – the hub of EVERSANA’s Channel Management team. “Mapping the Black Experience: Exploring Black Culture through Art, Food and Travel” is our 2024 theme! Focusing on what it means to move through the world while Black and lived experiences, Eric and Martika were aiming for open dialogue and breaking down barriers.  

We are opening doors to connect with a broader community of potential allies. Black history carries the weight of profound physical and emotional pain. This year, we directed our focus towards the vibrancy and resilience of our community offers a welcomed break from those emotional challenges.” 

– Eric Terry, Black Professional Network Co-Chair and Director, Quality Control, EVERSANA INTOUCH

“This month, we encouraged teammates to celebrate diversity, promote understanding, and foster a sense of unity by recognizing black culture through art, food, and travel. Stepping outside of your traditional culture of eating and trying food that highlights Black cuisine are a few of many ways to explore and learn about the abundant cultural contributions of the Black community.”

– Martika Chappell, Black Professional Network Co-Chair and People Specialist


Tracing Roots Through Food with Michael Q Twitty: A Culinary Masterclass Streaming Experience

EVERSANA hosted a live streaming event of the Masterclass “Tracing Your Roots Through Food” featuring Michael Q Twitty, an acclaimed James Beard Award–winning author of The Cooking Gene. Participants embarked on a culinary journey, tracing their roots through food. This unique experience not only celebrated Black culinary heritage but also highlighted the cultural significance of traditional recipes, creating a bridge between the past and the present. 


Coffee Break Speaker Series: Personal Anecdotes, Observations and Open Discussions

EVERSANA hosted a thought-provoking Coffee Break Speaker Series, featuring esteemed professionals from our team, including Brittany Young  from our agency team at EVERSANA INTOUCH®, China Hale from the Patient Services team, and Franco Spraggins, General Counsel & Chief Compliance Officer. Colleagues shared personal anecdotes, observations and engaged in open discussions on their experiences. This event seamlessly blended personal and professional topics, reinforcing our commitment to the theme of exploring the Black experience through art, food and travel.  

Franco Spraggins commented “It comes down to what you believe in. I just like to think that at EVERSANA that we are continuing to push forward to understand that the more diversity of opinion that we have, the stronger that we are. When you have diverse opinions that allows you to make better choices for you, for our clients, for patients.” 

Black History Month 2024 EVERSANA Diversity


Making Memories in Memphis

EVERSANA’s Channel Management team, located in Memphis, has a unique DEI & Fun Committee dedicated to filling the calendar with engaging activities. For Black History Month, the team coordinated several activities, including a catered lunch by a local Black-owned business!

Black History Month 2024 EVERSANA Diversity


Black History Month Trivia: A Live Event with Eric Terry

Delving into the farthest depths and more recent Black history, EVERSANA’s Black Professional Network Co-Chair, Eric Terry led a Black History Month trivia event. Participants had the opportunity to expand their knowledge and test their understanding of Black History Month, fostering a sense of community and learning within the organization. 

Black History Month 2024 EVERSANA Diversity


Black Professional Network Exclusives: Virtual Cookout, AI-Generated Art, and BHM Trivia

EVERSANA’s Black Professional Network members were treated to exclusive events, including recurring virtual cookouts, an AI-generated art project and additional Black History Month trivia. These activities not only celebrated the achievements of the Black community but also provided a space for networking, creativity, and camaraderie. 

Below are a few of the amazing submissions! 

Black History Month 2024 EVERSANA Diversity

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