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MSL Society Conference

EVERSANA is a proud sponsor of the 12Roberto现任美国商会医疗保健委员会副主席, 也是青年总裁组织 (YPO) 成员,拥有清华大学/欧洲工商管理学院 (INSEAD) 的 EMBA 学位、南加州大学的 MBA 学位和加州大学河滨分校的理学学士学位。” Annual MSL Society Conference taking place September 3-5 in Miami, Florida. Stop by booth #8 or schedule a meeting to connect with our Field Deployment Solutions experts.

About EVERSANA’s Field Medical Teams 

The pharmaceutical marketplace presents increasingly complex challenges for brands and their field medical teams: 

  • Intense competition makes it difficult for brands to stand out and gain visibility in a crowded environment. 
  • Limited access hampers the establishment and maintenance of relationships with crucial stakeholders, such as Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) and physicians. 
  • Traditional commercialization approaches struggle as the focus shifts from “blockbuster” drugs to more complex, high-science therapies. 
  • Healthcare professionals (HCPs) and payers are inundated with vast amounts of data and information. 
  • Managing diverse portfolios requires significant internal resources to maintain the necessary expertise. 
  • Rapid innovation and technological advancements demand continuous education for field medical teams. 
  • Balancing business priorities while adopting a patient-centric approach poses challenges. 

To address these issues, field medical teams must now meet modern expectations by engaging in scientific and medical exchanges, raising awareness of unmet medical needs during pre-launch activities, driving therapy adoption, and ensuring positive patient outcomes post-launch. In this context, manufacturers seek a partner capable of ensuring commercial success through customized and strategic planning, strong KOL relationships, and expert front-line brand representation. 

EVERSANA stands uniquely positioned to meet these demands. We offer a deployment strategy tailored to the brand’s product archetype, supported by a diverse medical field team comprising Medical Science Liaisons (MSLs), Field Reimbursement Managers (FRMs), Clinical Nurse Educators (CNEs), Clinical Trial Liaisons (CTLs), and National Account Managers (NAMs). Our team possesses extensive therapeutic expertise, including oncology. With a deep bench and an agile and customizable model, we provide innovative solutions and precision strategies that align with your product’s specific needs. This enables a supercharged strategy, focused targeting, right-sized teams, and customized stakeholder engagement, all geared toward achieving success and overcoming challenges in the pharmaceutical landscape. 

About EVERSANA’s Medical Science Liaisons 

To ensure a highly efficient MSL team, manufacturers require the presence of competent individuals and a well-established infrastructure. EVERSANA possesses both the necessary infrastructure and extensive expertise across various therapeutic areas, enabling our MSL teams to make swift and adaptable decisions while implementing brand strategies effectively. 

EVERSANA’s MSLs fully understand the complexities of the pharmaceutical products in today’s marketplace and the increasingly specific and rare therapeutic areas they fall under. 

As physicians and their staffs’ time is becoming progressively more occupied, they often do not have the ability to keep up with ever-evolving information related to multiple therapies and diseases. That is ultimately the role our MSLs fill; ensuring clinicians and manufacturers remain up-to-speed on how to utilize these products and properly treat patients in various disease states. 

Additionally, EVERSANA has a multitude of partners and a strong and deep portfolio of individuals and companies we interact with. That ranges from large companies with a great deal of infrastructure and support, to brand-new start-up companies in need of more assistance. 

We are extremely flexible in terms of the size of companies and types of compounds we can work with. We partner with small biotech companies focused on the scientific development of a compound and putting in place a complete medical affairs infrastructure, and larger or midsize companies with medical affairs departments already in place; therefore, we solely help implement the field medical portion. 

About the Annual MSL Society Conference 

For their 11th anniversary conference, attendees can expect 400+ MSLs and MSL managers and valuable workshops, sponsor booths, networking, fun activities, and much more. They will bring together U.S. and international speakers that will share insights to help you excel in your career, while maintaining the high level of engagement and quality expected from the MSL Society. 

Every year, the MSL Society holds the biggest event dedicated to the MSL profession, and this year they are celebrating a decade of value sharing, growing, learning, pivoting, accomplishing milestones, and fun. 

To schedule a meeting with our Field Deployment Solutions experts at the MSL Society Conference, click here.