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Celebrating Diwali 2022

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October 24 marks the beginning of the Diwali holiday! We recently sat down with a few of our colleagues to learn more about how they celebrate and how their faith has influenced their work at EVERSANA.  

Meet our Colleagues! 

Shefali Shrungarpawar: 

It’s the best time of the year. My family and I celebrate with common traditions such as performing rituals and prayers, lighting diyas (clay lamps), and decorating our home with marigold garlands and the entrance with rangoli (crushed and colored chalk designs).  

Shefali and her family celebrating Diwali!

Khushboo Agrawal: 

We celebrate for 5 days, but it’s really like a month-long season of preparation and planning (like Christmas!). Generally, festivities start a month before with Navrati (similar to Thanksgiving). We cook traditional foods, clean, decorate and light up the house. We buy new clothes, light diyas (clay lamps), worship, and meet up with our families. It’s also important to present our belongings of precious items (jewelry) and symbols of knowledge (accounting books, kids’ notebooks) on an altar to seek the gods’ blessings for a good financial and academic year.  

Sagar Deshpande: 

I personally feel I’m celebrating Diwali when I visit nearby markets and those selling their wares on the footpaths. These people are living in poverty and trying to meet their daily needs. I usually give them boxes of sweets and clothes for the upcoming winter season.  


How has your faith influenced your work at EVERSANA?   

Sagar Deshpande: 

Each religion has its own organized belief system and philosophy on work/employment. In the Hindu faith, we have a positive attitude towards work and holding strong ethics, and we warn against greed. I have a strict observance of regulations and working for the common good.  

 Khushboo Agrawal: 

From a young age, those in the Hindu culture are taught the importance of being kind to others and karma; what you do comes back to you. I think this is what we do here at EVERSANA. Believe it or not, the medication or therapy we’re helping get into a patient’s hands might be the reason a life is saved one day! 

 Nandini Dakshinamurthi: 

There is a famous saying from the Bhagavad Gita, an important Hindu religious text, that comes to mind. “By devotion to one’s particular duty, everyone can attain perfection.” I personally believe this, and it helps shape my work ideology.  


How did you come to work for EVERSANA and what part of your job do you love the most? 

Akshay Sapakal: 

When I joined EVERSANA, it was immediately apparent how my day-to-day work makes a global impact. I’ve never been able to witness this phenomenon before. I know my daily contributions play a vital role in the bigger picture. Thank you, EVERSANA! 

Sagar Deshpande: 

The EVERSANA Talent Team called me regarding a Quality Assurance position based in Pune, India. I was fortunate to clear the interviews and was selected to join EVERSANA. Now, I work as an Associate QA Engineer for EVERSANA’s Patient Services team. I enjoy analyzing and testing the business flow and functionalities of our applications, writing different scenarios and executing them. I’m also part of the Pune office Celebration Team! Being able to plan festivals that create a positive working atmosphere is so rewarding.   

Khushboo Agrawal: 

Every day, I come to work with a positive mindset and feel comfortable being myself. I feel like I am part of something important and contributing to society. 

 Nandini Dakshinamurthi: 

After talking to HR about the Digital Marketing Specialist position, what really stuck out to me was EVERSANA’s Cultural Beliefs and the license to be a bit more creative in this technical position. I was fortunate enough to meet the hiring team and had a wonderful interview experience. I was so excited when I learned I was selected for the role. Every day I learn new things and have interesting challenges. I love my job!  

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