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With over 600 clients globally and 40+ engagements in Europe, EVERSANA™ is leading the way as the only end-to-end provider of commercialisation services that span all stages of the product life cycle to deliver long-term value for patients, physicians and payers.

The UK, EU4 and emerging markets across eastern Europe present a major opportunity for biotechnology companies. However, many such companies decide to license their products to partner companies, assuming that launching across markets in Europe is complex. The result: Often, the product fails to achieve its full value. To be globally competitive, EVERSANA can work with you to assess and adapt your development and commercialization strategies to retain the value of your product.

A Global End-to-End Commercialisation Partner

Today’s global pharmaceutical industry is evolving into uncharted territories. Opportunities in drug pricing, access, reimbursement, adherence and product delivery shift every day, and you need agile solutions to keep up with new market challenges. With many  European biotech launching their first product in the U.S. EVERSANA offers custom solutions for your product, patients and other key stakeholders. Now you don’t have to face the unknowns of commercialisation alone. EVERSANA infrastructure and partnership mentality, makes commercialisation in the U.S. predictable and our innovative models make success predictable.

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