Tom Doyle

Tom Doyle

Senior Vice President of Commercial Solutions


Affordability Programs (PAP, Copay), Global Channel Management & 3PL

With more than 25 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry in both brand and distribution, Tom is a widely recognized leader and sought after speaker in hub, pharmacy and patient support solutions. Prior to joining EVERSANA, Tom held key leadership positions with H. D. Smith, led Idis Pharmaceuticals’ entry into the U. S. market, and held a wide range of leadership roles at 3M Pharmaceuticals, including leading trade, managed markets, sales, marketing, and corporate strategic planning. Tom has extensive experience in new product launches in the U. S., Canada and Europe, and earned a Bachelor’s of Science from Hillsdale University. Tom is a certified six sigma black belt and earned a Bachelor’s of Science from Hillsdale College in Michigan.

Articles by Tom Doyle

New Product Commercialization – Webinar

Q. How do you successfully commercialize a new product in the new era of “patient-as-consumer” and “outcomes-based healthcare”? A. You design and deliver an engaging, high-touch patient experience. In this 30 minute webinar, Tom Doyle explains how manufacturers historically relied on a one-size-fits-all HUB model that utilized benchmark data from products in similar therapeutic classes […]

Patient-Centered Engagement: Wrapping Value Around Life Science Services

In our value-driven healthcare environment, improving the quality of patients’ lives is dependent upon our ability to effectively locate and engage with patients, as well as support the therapeutic onboarding and adherence of patient populations. Delivering best-in-class patient experiences – experiences that positively impact adherence – involves a comprehensive suite of coordinated and intertwined services […]

Measuring the Impact of Patient Support Programs

In this webinar, EVERSANA’s Tom Doyle highlights the evolution of patient support programs (PSP) from access-focused to patient-centered. Here are three themes you will hear: Be Purposeful – Start with the end in mind. Build a patient program that focuses on the unique needs of the patient and market segment while developing select metrics that […]

Develop Patient Support Programs Focused on Patients

We have to get intimate with patient populations and advocacy groups to build best-in-class patient support programs from the start.

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