Ravi Visweswara

Executive Vice President


Ravi Visweswara

In more than 20 years of consulting and leadership in APAC, Ravi’s expertise has focused on helping clients take big-bet investments in complex and uncertain environments at an asset and  portfolio levels. Ravi regularly advises clients on their most critical challenges: decisions to enter new markets, and optimize their portfolios and R&D investments.

He has also supervised many multi-year programs for clients that resulted in significant increases in shareholder value while bringing lasting transformation in their organizations.

Ravi holds a bachelor’s degree in Technology from Indian Institute of Technology, Chennai, and an MBA from the Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta.


Consulting (Strategy Management & Regulatory), HEOR, Managed Markets, Market Access, Market Research, Research & Insights

Articles by Ravi Visweswara

The Chronic Microcap Trap: How Launch Is The Escape for True Growth

Pre-commercial pharma companies face a common choice: commercialize products independently or collaborate with another pharmaceutical company as a commercialization partner. As the C-suite leaders in these organizations wrestle with the pros and cons of this choice, one factor they must consider is the impact their decision will have on their current and future market valuation. […]

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