Kathi Henson

Chief Patient Officer, Senior Vice President, Integrated Commercial Services


Kathi Henson

Kathi has more than 18 years of experience with pharmaceutical manufacturer services and understands the nuances of working directly with patients to deliver positive outcomes.

While recognizing that each patient, therapy and client is unique, she works to ensure consistency in best practices around performance and operations. Kathi’s focus is on building best in class care team operations with high levels of patient and client satisfaction.

In previous roles, she led patient services operations for more than 100 manufacturer sponsored programs as well as clinical and specialty pharmacy teams.

Kathi holds an MBA from the University of Missouri-St. Louis and a Bachelor of Science from the St. Louis College of Pharmacy.


Affordability Programs (PAP, Copay), Hub & Adherence Solutions, Patient Journey, Specialty & Direct-to-Patient Distribution, Stakeholder Engagement & Promotion (Patients, Payers, Providers)

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Articles by Kathi Henson

Improving Patient Adherence with Behavioral Health Technology

The industry’s shift to outcomes-based, patient-centered care requires new approaches to patient support to achieve adherence and therapeutic success. Today’s patients are also highly motivated information seekers and are taking control of their day-to-day therapy. And, like all modern consumers, they expect outcomes to be personalized, delivered on their terms, powered by technology, and of […]

The Role of Chief Patient Officers

A Seat of Influence. Patients rely on us not only to develop life-saving therapies, but also for help in developing strategies to ensure that they can access those therapies. The role of the Chief Patient Officer has significant influence across a pharma organization by ensuring that the patient, arguably our most important stakeholder, is engaged […]

How the “Power of Why” Can Improve Adherence Rates in Rare Disease

“There are only two ways to influence human behavior: you can manipulate it or you can inspire it.” — Simon Sinek, Author of Start With Why Best-selling author and motivational speaker, Simon Sinek, is best known for his 2009 Ted Talk challenging organizations to set aside their list of product benefits and features to focus […]

Bringing Humanity Back to Healthcare

As the healthcare industry shifts to patient-centered care, PharmaVOICE asks the question: how do we bring humanity or the human element back into healthcare? As patients become more engaged healthcare consumers and patient advocacy groups more empowered, manufacturers, state governments, and the FDA must continue to make strides to include patient voices in the drug […]

Putting Healthcare IoT in the Home

The Internet of Things are digital tools that enable patients and providers to stay connected by exchanging data in new and exciting ways. The advent of these tools, such as wearables, allow healthcare providers to monitor patients in the home setting by collecting critical health information in real time. This allows for earlier intervention and […]

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