Edward Cox

Executive Vice President, Strategic Alliances & Global Head of Digital Medicine


Edward Cox

Widely recognized as a preeminent thought leader in digital therapeutics, Ed joins EVERSANA from Dthera Sciences, where as its CEO, he earned the FDA’s Breakthrough Device designation for a digital therapeutic to treat the behavioral symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease. His pioneering work in this field has led him to serve in highly visible roles at numerous digital therapeutic and digital medicine events throughout the world, including DTx-Science (Bordeaux, France), LSX World Congress (London, UK), CNS Summit (Boca Raton, FL), DTx West (San Mateo, CA), and Evercore Healthcare Conference (Boston, MA). Ed championed digital medicines as chair of the first digital therapeutics conferences in the industry – DTxDM (San Jose, CA) and DTx East (Boston, MA), as well as the inaugural DTx Europe (London, UK).

With a background in executive leadership across numerous industries including digital health, pharma and biotech, technology, investment banking, and public markets, he is uniquely positioned to lead digital medicine and strategic alliance initiatives in this rapidly expanding sector. He excels at finding creative and asymmetric pathways to drive success and is adept at corporate development and these skills have enabled him to build high profile strategic partnerships. Ed holds a Master’s of Science in Management from Warrington College of Business Administration at the University of Florida and a bachelor’s degree in telecommunications the University of Florida.


Commercialization, Digital Health, Digital Medicine, Emerging Technology

Articles by Edward Cox

Podcast: The Future of Digital Therapeutics

The Digital Therapeutics market continues to evolve at a rapid pace. In this podcast, hosted by Erica Sosnowski, host of the podcast series “The Platform”, we discuss current trends in the life sciences industry and the future of digital therapeutics with Edward Cox, the Global Head of Digital Medicine and Executive VP of Strategic Alliances […]

5 Trends in Digital Medicine to Watch For

  We Are Uniquely Positioned To Deliver EVERSANA is uniquely positioned to follow the trends and introduce new models and strategies to maximize the value of pharmaceutical products through Digital Medicine Solutions and Execution. Digital Solutions can be deployed to impact the entire life cycle of a product in unprecedented ways. Schedule a 30-minute call […]

Healthcare Pivot: Digital Medicine Delivers During A Global Crisis – Reviewing Commercial Pathways

In February 2020, healthcare as we knew it changed. The industry began waging an aggressive war with an unknown virus beginning to overwhelm hospitals on a global scale. We immediately recognized that we needed to do things differently. Virtual healthcare began to rise, and disruptive advancements in medical technology began breaking down siloed healthcare delivery […]

PharmaVOICE Showcase on Connected Health and IoT

The Growing Potential of Connected IoT In PharmaVOICE’s Showcase on Connected Health and IoT, Ed Cox offers executive viewpoints on the challenges of integrating the Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) into pharma processes. “Breaking down siloes by supporting technology that provides value across the patient care ecosystem and investing in IoMT that generates data and […]

[Infographic] Defining the Digital Space

Despite the increased popularity of Digital Therapeutics and Digital Medicines, there is still ambiguity around their definitions. This infographic provides clarity and defines the Digital Healthcare Space. Digital Therapeutics (DTx) Evidence-based digital solutions making direct therapeutic (and frequently drug-like) claims and regulated by the FDA, usually as Software-as-a-Medical Device (SaMD). Digital Medicine A broader category […]

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