Brigham Hyde, PhD

President, Data and Analytics


Brigham Hyde, PhD

Brigham is a highly regarded speaker and thought leader on the value of data and analytics across the life sciences, pharma, and overall healthcare sector. His background is in data science and artificial intelligence (AI) and he excels at building best-in-class data software technologies to empower executives to make informed choices.

Prior to joining EVERSANA, Brigham was the co-founder and President of Concerto Health AI and Healthcare Partner at Symphony AI. Concerto developed the definitive data set for real-world data and was a leader in AI solutions for precision oncology. He also served as the Chief Data Officer at Decision Resource Group, and was responsible for building the company’s overall data and analytics platform. Brigham is a member of Forbes Technology Council, an exclusive group of senior-level technology executives who discuss how emerging technologies can change the way we live. He is an adjunct professor of pharmacology and experimental therapeutics at Tufts University and Research Faculty at MIT Media Lab.

Brigham holds a PhD in Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics from Tufts University School of Medicine, and a bachelor’s degree in chemistry from Northeastern University.


Artificial Intelligence (AI), Data & Analytics, Data and Software, Data Science, Digital Health, Digital Medicine, Digital Technology, Emerging Technology

Articles by Brigham Hyde, PhD

PharmaVOICE Connected Health Showcase

IF I COULD ONLY ASK TWO QUESTIONS, THE FIRST WOULD BE: What is your data integration and analytics platform strategy? As the industry continues its shift to a patient-centric, value-based model of care, it is critical that the next generation of patient services programs integrate data and analytics into their care models to track the […]

What is Your Data Integration and Analytics Platform Strategy?

If I Could Only Ask Two Questions, the First One Would Be: What is Your Data Integration and Analytics Platform Strategy? It’s really simple, data analytics drives decisions. In the healthcare industry, we use data to better understand the complexity of disease, improve forecasting and communications with patients, design more effective clinical trials, predict trends, […]

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