Bhaskar Sambasivan

President, Patient Services & Chief Strategy Officer


Bhaskar Sambasivan

Bhaskar leads the Patient Services Business Unit and also serves as EVERSANA’s Chief Strategy Officer. Previously he was the global head of the life sciences business at a large multinational services company.

Widely recognized as a leader in life sciences, Bhaskar blends his commitment to best-in-class patient services with a passion for leading digital transformations to accelerate the industry’s shift to a patient-centered commercial model.  He has been named a PharmaVoice Top 100 leader in both 2017 and 2018 for his contributions to the industry, and he earned a Master’s in Computer Science from Indian Institute of Science in Bangalore, India.


Affordability Programs (PAP, Copay), Hub & Adherence Solutions, Patient Journey, Patient Services, Stakeholder Engagement & Promotion (Patients, Payers, Providers)

Articles by Bhaskar Sambasivan

Are You Ready For Patient Services 2.0?

Today’s patients are far more engaged than the previous era of “doctor knows best.” And, like all modern consumers, they expect outcomes to be personalized, delivered on their terms, powered by technology, and of high value. As a result, the next generation of patient services can no longer depend on the “one-size-fits-all” model. Manufacturers can […]

Technology + Compliance = Improved Models of Care in Life Science Services

Compliance is a broad and extremely important area in almost every industry and more so in life sciences as it directly and indirectly impacts patient lives. Because the life science industry is continuously evolving, we are challenged to incorporate solutions into our planning that address potential complexities inherent with this evolution. This complex regulatory environment […]

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