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Japan Outlines Measures to Ensure Stable Drug Supply

Country: JAPAN | Region: ASIA & SOUTH PACIFIC | Type: Policy | Keywords: #essential #mhlw #outline #supply PRICENTRIC BRIEF: The Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare (MHLW) presented to its panel on stable drug supplies an outline of measures involving a key medicine list, supply chain mapping, risk assessments, stable supply schemes, and pricing regulation, reported Pharma Japan MHLW announced that 551 products have been cited by […]

FDA Approves Roche, PTC’s SMA Treatment, Evrysdi (Risdiplam)

Region: NORTH AMERICA | Type: Drug Approval | Keywords: #evrysdi #fasttrackdesignation #fda #orphandrug #pdufa #pediatrics #priorityreview #ptc #risdiplam #roche #sma PRICENTRIC BRIEF: The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved Roche and PTC Therapeutics’ Evrysdi (risdiplam) for the treatment of spinal muscular atrophy (SMA) in adults and children aged 2 months and up In FIREFISH and SUNFISH, two clinical trials containing more than 450 patients with varying ages and levels of […]

NHS’ COVID-19 Friendly Treatments Initiative Allows “Swaps” to More Convenient, Less Risky Cancer Treatment

Region: EUROPE | Type: Policy | Keywords: #agreement #covid19 #nhs #oncology PRICENTRIC BRIEF: The NHS has received £160 million in funding for “COVID-19” friendly cancer treatments that do not have a big impact on patients’ immune systems or offer other benefits such as fewer hospital visits, said NHS Chief Executive Sir Simon Stevens Thus far, thousands of patients have benefited from almost 50 treatments approved […]

Trump Signs 4 Executive Orders on Prescription Drug Pricing

Region: ASIA & SOUTH PACIFIC | Type: Policy | Keywords: #apo #generics #gqce #procurement #vbp #volumebasedprocurement PRICENTRIC BRIEF: United States President Donald Trump has signed four Executive Orders on prescription drug pricing that (1) pass on savings for insulins and epinephrine through the 340B program to patients, (2) end kickbacks, (3) allow the importation of certain prescription drugs, as well as re-importation of insulin, and (4) make […]

China’s 3rd Round of Volume-Based Procurement Includes 56 Drugs, 86 Product Specifications

Region: ASIA & SOUTH PACIFIC | Type: Policy | Keywords: #apo #generics #gqce #procurement #vbp #volumebasedprocurement PRICENTRIC BRIEF: The Allied Purchase Office (APO) has announced that it is starting to collect essential data on the proposed list of products for China’s third go at national volume-based procurement (VBP) of medicines This list includes 56 drugs by generic name with 86 product specifications China first trialed volume-based […]

Germany’s AOK Opens Tender to Secure 119 APIs Worth 2 Billion Euros Per Year

Region: EUROPE | Type: Tender | Keywords: #aok #drugdiscountcontract #drugsupply #healthfund PRICENTRIC BRIEF: The largest statutory health fund of Germany covering 30% of the total population, AOK has launched a tender for nationwide drug discount contracts that is comprised of 120 lots with a total of 119 active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) The contract will last from June 1, 2021 until May 31, 2023, with […]

ASEAN Joint Assessment Procedure Prioritizes 11 Diseases

Region: ASIA & SOUTH PACIFIC | Type: HTA | Keywords: #access #aids #asean #breastcancer #chronicillnesses #depression #drugapprovals #hiv #jointassessment #lungcancer #nationalmedicinesregulatoryauthorities #nra #oncology #regulation PRICENTRIC BRIEF: The National Medicines Regulatory Authorities (NRA) of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) has developed a new procedure for joint marketing authorizations, the ASEAN Joint Assessment Procedure Now that the pilot, which was kicked off in July 2017 and advised technically by the World […]

Pharma No Longer Allowed Annual Price Increases for Certain Medicines in Pakistan

Region: ASIA & SOUTH PACIFIC | Type: Policy | Keywords: #annualpricehikes #drap #drugpricingpolicy #nationalhealthservice #priceincreases PRICENTRIC BRIEF: The Drug Pricing Policy, 2018 has been revised by the federal government to allow the government to prevent pharmaceutical companies from annual price increases for a category of drugs, announced the Ministry of National Health Services Previously under the Drug Pricing Policy, 2018, pharmaceutical companies were granted […]

Australian Biosimilars Association Hosts Successful Awareness Week, Plans Webinar

Region: ASIA & SOUTH PACIFIC | Type: Policy | Keywords: #awareness #biosimilars #education #gbma #webinar PRICENTRIC BRIEF: In May, GBMA Education, the educational arm of Australia’s Generic and Biosimilar Medicines Association (GBMA), hosted its second Biosimilar Awareness Week, which included online activities and the dissemination of online information to over 540,000 Australians on biosimilars and their crucial role “in the future of a sustainable healthcare […]

Panama’s Agencies, Drugstores & Labs Allowed to Import COVID-19 Drugs

Country: PANAMA | Region: SOUTH AMERICA | Type: Regulation | Keywords: #855 #agencies #covid-19 #drugstores #executivedecree #import #laboratories PRICENTRIC BRIEF: Under Executive Decree No. 855, agencies, drugstores and laboratories with a valid license in Panama, granted by the National Directorate of Pharmacy and Drugs, will be allowed to import drugs for the treatment of COVID-19 Under Article 3 of the Decree, the responsibility of importing drugs for the treatment of […]